Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Grade FPDS - Isabella

We can't believe we have a first grader. I think she was a little excited this first day especially knowing she got the teacher she wanted. A days before though on the way home from somewhere she asked if I was going to pick her up at noon the first day of school. I explained daddy was off work so he was going to pick her up at 11am since it was just a half day. She then proceeded to ask if I was going to pick her up the 2nd day. I then explained 1st graders went to school all day not like the kindergartners. Well, that's when the tears began and she said she wanted to go back to kindergarten. 

Someone wanted to be in the picture. ;)
Love this smile!

Sweet precious Mrs. Nowell. We are so excited to have her and are looking forward to a wonderful year!!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Fort Walton Beach, FL

WOW! I can't believe our vacation has come and gone. I sure wish we were still there. We sure do love the beach and our little people liked it much better this year. John Paul enjoyed playing in the sand and Isabella enjoyed being out in the water. Of course, our girl still loves the pool and the lazy river. We had some great seafood and spent a great time relaxing.
Taking a break from being out in the water with daddy
Taking a break and having a little snack
He loved the splash pad too! It took him 2 days until he got up the nerve to go down the slide by himself.
One of our favorite places to eat - Louisiana Lagniappe. We love the food and this year John Paul enjoyed the food too.
Having some lunch by the splash pad. 
Here we are at Dewey's Destin. We had several people say it was great and it was. Great service, great food, and service was quick which is great with 2 kids. 
My little boy wouldn't look at the camera but still shares kisses with his mama.
Sweet babies

She found a friend and they would play for hours.
They last night we were there Isabella had run outside and was talking to the little girls next door. She comes running back asking Darren what karaoke was. Long story short...the condo was having a karaoke contest down at the pool and mine asked if we could go. Sure, why not. She actually ended up standing up there and signing with several little girls but she didn't know the song. :)
Here my two are listening to the signing. 
Holding hands. :)
Not sure how he got up there but he thought he was something.
One night we went back to the playground by the Crap Trap where we went last year to take pictures.

Finally got one where they were both looking and halfway smiling. :)
WOW! They sure are growing up

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