Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Twin Lakes 2013

I can't say enough wonderful things about Twin Lakes. I don't think Isabella had any idea what she was going to do for the week although I had shared with her a few of the activities they would be doing. She absolutely loved it and had the best time. She even asked tonight if she could go back next week.
First day

Her group of girls with their counselor, Sara
 First time getting to ride a bus! Her and her buddy, McClain sat on the 2nd seat from the back. They were so excited!

Day 2 with our car riding buddy, Levi. 

We missed day 3 thanks to the stomach bug compliments of camp. She was ready to go back on Thursday though and confident she was okay enough to spend the night.
Last day....daddy and brother waiting to pick her up.
Here she comes

She started waving as soon as she saw JP and I

Blowing kisses

Loving that smile

I chased this one down a time or two during the closing ceremony
Sara, our counselor

She just cried when she got her arms around her daddy. So sweet!

We can't wait until next year!!
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