Monday, September 17, 2012

MSU vs Auburn 2012

Last weekend we headed to God's country for our first game of the season. We didn't make it to the JSU game since Darren was working so we were ready for the Auburn game. It was nice being an early game to get up there and back with the kids. John Paul did okay until the 2nd quarter but then we had to get down and walk. We were actually standing down near the end zone when State scored the touchdown that got called back. It was awesome being down there in the middle of it with everyone going crazy. John Paul didn't know what was going on - other than a dog being on the field. OH! And a ball. Dogs and balls are his favorite things! ;)
Someone just couldn't hang. He got a good little nap in though.
My two favorite bulldawgs!
Coloring on the way home. She didn't fall asleep until we were 20 minutes from the house!
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Food Fight Party

Last week Isabella got invited to her first birthday party of the school year. I wasn't too sure if we should go with it being a food fight party but we went and had a great time. She wasn't too sure about the food fight thing and didn't participate but she had a great time swimming and playing with her new friends. We had a great time and the birthday boy, Stewart, seemed to have the best time.

New friends, Easton and Farrah

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Run for the Fallen 2012

Two weeks ago my precious brother ran another race with me. The neat thing about the Race for the Fallen was you could pick your miles. You could run, walk, ride as many miles as you want. We kept with pretty much everyone else and ran a 5k. I started cramping in the fist couple of miles so had to walk some of it but finished it running. Al, of course, ran the entire thing. ;) He pushes me which helps tremendously.

             Before the race they recognized each part of the military. Waiting on the Marines hymn.
Not such a good picture but members of the other military standing at attention.
Everytime the Marines are called to attention, my heart swells of pride. I'm not sure I've said this before but when Al graduated from the Marine Corps, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. It spoke volumes about the man they transformed him into and the man he is today because of the Marines. He stands at attention everytime. :)
I'm so glad he loves the running stroller. When we first started running, he didn't so I'm so thankful he does now.
This was taken for proof - we did it!
A little snack after race - lucky charms. He loves them!

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