Thursday, August 16, 2012

No words

Not sure what to title this post. I thought about "Finally" and that just doesn't seem fitting. Although this was the last step and final part of Sullivan's gravesite, it is hard. It is so final. Other than celebrating his birthday, there is nothing else I can actually do. Putting flowers there would count as doing something but this is just such a finality. I am glad we waited as long as we did though. We got the memorial we wanted. When we went to get the flowers, Isabella picked out some pink ones to add to them - from her.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

1st Day 5yr Old Kindergarten

I can't believe we are at this day. Isabella is growing up right before our eyes. We are so excited for her and looking forward to a great year. We are also very excited to be at FPDS. Such a great school focused on our children learning about God first and foremost and then focusing on academics. I couldn't ask for anything better!! Everyone we have met love the Lord and show it in their words and actions, just as we are supposed to.

She wasn't too happy with me when I made her try on her uniform a couple of days before school started.
Our precious bag Mrs Em did for her! LOVE IT!
My goal - to have this uniform laid out every night so we don't have problems the next morning. Hopefully, the only issue will be what we will do with our hair and I'm getting to the point of letting go of that fight. I'm sure I have mentioned in the past, I don't have a morning girl.
Here she is ready to go.
Daddy and his sweet girl. JP thought he wanted in the picture but wouldn't turn around.
My girl wasn't too sure about everything this first day. She wasn't quite ready to take a picture with Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Pittman. She did agree to get one with her mama though.
New friends: Emma, Isabella, and Brooke
Each child had to take a wrapped book. When they are the leader this year, they get to pick their book out and the teacher will read it. Mrs Harvey sent me this picture later that day. :)

I pray that we have a great year. As many of you know, last year was rough for us. Hopefully, we have learned from our mistakes and can focus on getting our behavior under better control. As one of my doctors said this week, if you behave first then you can learn. I like that! :) 
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Vacation Part 2

Our two definetly liked the pool more than the beach. We spent most of our time between the splash pad, lazy river, and the large pool. Isabella did really great with her swimming but we still kept a close eye on her. The little man would barely leave my side. You can tell I used my new camera with this picture. I LOVE that other lens! Don't ask me how to work it but it takes great pictures. This little man would climb the steps of the pirate ship that was a slide and just stand there. It drove all the other kids crazy. He was always in their way. He thought he was big stuff though.
I learned a lot about Isabella this trip. I have a very friendly child (when she wants to be). She was ALWAYS looking for a friend to play with.  She even asked me on the beach one day if I thought a little boy would play with her. I explained I doubt it since he was probably 7 and didn't want to play with girls but to go ahead and ask him. I did warn her not to be upset though if he said no. He said no. She was fine though. This little girl below and her family were from LA and they had the best time playing together.
This inner tube costs me $3. It was the best money I spent the entire time. She LOVED it! Played with it wherever she went.
My girl in the lazy river. She would spend hours in there.
It's a little hard to see in this picture but it is me carrying John Paul. As I said above, he would go up the slide and then not go down it. Darren took this picture of me climbing up there and getting him down for the 100th time.
This was at the Crap Trap. A place we will likely never go again. The food was horrible. This is also the closet we got to family pictures. It makes me sweat even thinking about trying to get all four of us to smile and look at the camera. I figured if I could get the two of them, that was good enough.
The two pictures below aren't the best. We were at Louisiania Lagniappe this night. It is definitely one of mine and Darren's favorite places to eat. We do like the atmosphere in Orange Beach better. We also LOVED the Old Bay Steamer!
This is how I spent my two hours that John Paul napped. Notice the monitor and book. It was all I needed. It was awesome!

We really did have a great time. Darren mentioned staying a whole week next time which is fine with me AS LONG as John Paul sleeps all night long. Poor thing, staying a strange place threw his sleeping for a loop! I had to come home just to catch up on my sleep.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fort Walton Beach Vacation Beach Pictures

Last week we headed to Fort Walton, FL for vacation. We chose to stay at Waterscape resort which has multiple pools and areas for the kids. With John Paul only being 18 months old I figured it would be easier on us and him if he had something to do. We also stayed on the bottom level so when you walked out of our back door, we were 10 feet from the splash pad. As you can see from the pictures below, someone was up way too early during vacation ready to go swimming. We spent every morning outside roaming around waiting on everyone else to get up. It was good mama/son time. :)

We decided before we left to turn this little man's car seat around. We figured it would make us all happy.
 This one colored while we were leaving Brandon and didn't do it again.
There are just no words for the beach and my kids. Darren and I pray they learn to love it one day.
This was the look I got after about being on the beach for about 10mins.
This didn't last long and as you can see JP wasn't happy at all that I had put him down to bury her.
                                 I still can't believe he fell asleep while I was playing in the sand.
                                                 This one just pretended she was asleep. ;)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

MSU Extravaganza 2012

A few weeks ago I made our first trip to the MSU extravaganza at the Jackson Convention Center. I thought I had others coming with me but they bailed on me. Needless to say I had my hands full with three kids during supper time in the rain. It was good though and I know now what to expect from now on. Isabella wouldn't get her picture with Bully but Taylor and John Paul did!

Stood in line almost 30mins to get the offensive line's autograph. Of course, none of mine cared so we gave it to one of Belle's friends who is die hard fan. He was pumped!! :)

Gotta get our face painted

One day John Paul will look at the camera. He is checking out that pretty bulldog though. ;)

Dan the Man

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