Monday, July 23, 2012


I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the kitchen canning and putting things in the freezer this summer. I do a little more every year and hope to be a pro in a couple of years. ;)

This is just one jar of tomatoes I put up. They came out of a friend's garden so I just canned them for her. Mel and I have already put up around 45 pints and quarts for the summer. 

This was my new project for the summer. Making bread and butter pickles. They turned out great too. Unfortunately, I didn't "can" them to last. The ones I did will last for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

This little man stuck a bite every now and then with one.

Getting ready to start marinating.

4 pints - not bad

A little slave labor going on. I did it growing up, it is only right she learn how.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Princess Dance Camp 2012

This was our 2nd year at dance camp and this year cousin Lauren got to go too. Unfortunately, Lauren was in the 3/4 class who performed earlier in the day so I don't have any pictures of her. You can also tell by the pictures this year was not as successful as last year. I chalked it up to her staying with Marme all week and not just having her normal routine. She is known to get shy and not perform but after her dance recital a few months ago, I thought we had moved past it. Oh well, I'd say our dancing career is over but she said the other day she wanted to keep dancing. I haven't cancelled the class yet so we will see in another month.


We all thought a good pep talk from Daddy would help. Nope.

I thought her Nana being there would help too but nope. Nana says she is just like her when she was little. Nana says she was really shy in her younger years but she grew out of it. ;)

I wasn't quick enough with this picture.

Sweet girl loves her daddy.


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 4th of July 2012

 We had a great 4th of July with great friends! Wish I had taken more pictures. Still learning my new camera.

This little man slept the first hour or so and then took a little while to warm up to everyone. He spent a good hour or so sitting in this chair eating cheese puffs out of a solo cup!

Not a real close up here but Frank, Caden, Grayson, and Isabella. Yes, Isabella is on his head.

John Paul's first trip down the slide. It was non stop after that.

Frank and his words. It was good though.

I LOVE this picture. The littlest and the biggest person at the party. One day I can't wait  for JP to see this. Thanks, Paul, for the memory.

Wish I had pictures of Darren's burned fingers. It didn't slow him down though. Him and Frank continued to shoot fireworks. Great food and great friends. One of the best ways to celebrate the 4th of July!
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

More and More

This girl keeps losing more and more teeth. After she pulled the 2nd top one we told her she wasn't going to be able to eat. She wasn't too concerned. I think we don't have any more loose ones so we should be okay for a while.


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