Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sullivan!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We know you are celebrating in heaven with all of your friends and having the best time. We are celebrating here and thinking about you. This past Sunday we went to the circus, just the 4 of us to celebrate you. We told your big sister we had a surprise for her but explained in the car we were celebrating your birthday. She was so excited and has told everyone why we went. We had the best time!!!

Here are a few pictures.Sure is hard to get John Paul to be still nowadays.

We also celebrated with these wonderful cupcakes.

On Saturday we we went to the cemetary. Spent the morning letting balloons go and putting flowers on your grave. We also ran by Mama Maye and Papa's grave as we always do.

He didn't quite understand the concept.

Your grave marker should be in anytime now. :)

This girl had a hard time letting "her" balloon go.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

17 months...a little behind

John Paul you are 17 months. Today we went for your 15 month checkup. HA! I know, I am behind but no big deal. It all worked out well though because for about a week now you haven't been  sleeping. We are worn out. You start off by not wanting to go to bed and then you don't sleep all night. To add to the load, you can now climb out of your bed. We are amazed. Your sister did the same thing but not this early. Needless, to say you are putting us through some major adjustments!

You do weigh 24lbs and 4 ozs which puts you in the 35% in height. Your height is only in the 25% but we are staying positive that you are going to hit a growth spurt (at least I am).
You wear a size 4 diaper and most 18-24 month clothes. You pretty much eat anything I give you especially vegetables. You do love french fries but aren't a fan of sweets. Smart little boy! ;)

You still love your sister and think she is the funniest thing ever! She chases you through the house or vice versa and you both just cackle. You are loud and have started swatting at us. We are working quickly to put an end to that. You can say mama, daddy, dog, ball, thank you. A ball and truck are your favorite toys. We love to hear you say, vroom vroom when you are playing with a truck. Your Marme taught you that. You are still the sweetest thing and love your mama, which of course, melts my heart every time.

It's a shame this vacuum really doesn't work. You love this toy!

Sweet boy

 An example of you fighting your sleep. Your daddy and I looked down and you were asleep on the floor between us.

It sure is early to be putting you in a toddler bed but it would break my heart if you broke something from climbing out.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fish School 1st Session

We have started back to our annual swim lessons which we love. We are separating it up this year with two weeks, a two week break, and then another two weeks. Can't wait until next year when John Paul can start.

These three are a hoot!!! Love them to pieces!

Some serious swimmers with their goggles.

 You know my girl, gotta stop in the middle of "the show" for a picture.

She is doing a great job! So proud of her!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Party

Last weekend some friends of ours rolled two of their kids birthday parties into one. It was great! My two had the best time! I'm sure someone got some better pictures on their camera but this was all I got from my phone all afternoon. Once I get some from Mel I'll have to add them on here.

We celebrated Lyla Reed's 3rd birthday. She is below in the yellow swimsuit with her precious cake her mama made. Her party theme was "You are my sunshine." Shelley did a great job with the cake and decorations. In the pictures below with John Paul you can see the lemonade stand behind him. It was too cute!!
We also celebrated Noah's 5th birthday. He had a baseball themed party. You can see half of his cake below. Of course, we can forget about the water slide in the picture below. My two are fearless with this. Yes, even my almost 17 month old. Of course, he did go down the slide with Aunt Mel and Shelley but loved every minute of it.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012


We have been birthday partying it up!!! Multiple parties in a short amount of time. We started off with Lauren's 4th birthday party. Isabella was so excited since it was at the Splash Pad.

These two are something else. A few weeks ago Lauren spent the night and they were up to midnight talking and playing. 

 Wish this was a better picture of these two. Our Kimbrell genes are STRONG!!

 4 Generations of Kimbrells

We then moved onto Brook's 1st birthday party the next weekend.

He was the funniest thing ever while eating his cake. He probably ended up eating 1/3 of his cake.

Sweet brothers!

I love how John Paul thought he was just as big as the others!

Silly girl!

Shout out to my dad for the pictures! Thanks, daddy!

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