Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Proud Sister

Last week my brother received the Top Cop award for the City of Clinton. Other than his graduation from the United State Marine Corps boot camp, I can't tell you of another prouder moment. He ROCKS! He has really found his ninch as the Resource Officer for the police department. He loves the kids and being able to make a difference in their lives. But most importantly, he loves Jesus. My brother serves the Lord first and foremost, loves his wife, and is one of the best dads ever! This big little sister couldn't be prouder!!!

I'd post a picture of a picture of him but it isn't always a good idea to post a cop (or lawdog, as Isabella calls them) in their uniform. :)
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Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Dance Recital

We also celebrated Isabella's first dance recital this weekend. Although she was too sick to go to the rehearsal Friday night, we were so gracious they let her go ahead and perform Saturday night. We are also so thankful for sweet Shelley! Everyone knows I am not the expert hair or makeup person and Shelley was so great to do it for us. Isabella loved it!
We couldn't take pictures during the recital but I promise you she did a fabulous job! We were so proud of her.

 Love us some Aunt Shelley

Striking a pose!

Marme was so awesome to come and keep JP so we could have an evening with our girl.

Our beautiful seagull!

Love these two! 

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

4K Graduation

On Friday graduation wasn't the day we quite expected. We had been pumping this day up for months now and we were so excited! The first words out of Isabella's mouth that morning, "I don't feel well. I can't go to school." A little while later she started with an upset stomach and then throwing up. I called her teacher who informed me someone else in the class had the stomach virus this past week. Oh no! We loaded up anyway and thought we would tread our way through the morning. I did call all the family members ahead of time and warn them things weren't looking good. Thank goodness everyone understood. We did make it thru the morning but barely. It was decided she would just sit with us instead of singing with her classmates in case she got sick on stage. She also wasn't too sure about going up on stage to get her diploma. She did get it though.

We had a huge row of family!

What a face!

Mimi and Papaw

Pawpaw and Mawmaw

Pap and Marme

It was so sweet of Morgan and Hunter to come! Skylar came too but we kept her away from the sickly girl! ;)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend and I had a great Mother's Day. We started off our weekend by running down to Magee to see Mimi and Papaw. Unfortunately, Mimi and Papaw aren't in any of these pictures but we did see a couple of other important people.
You can't really see Nathaniel in this picture but Isabella spent a long time riding him around and around the garage on the tricycle. He loved every minute of it!
Here is the newest member of the Purser family. Miss Nataleigh.
This girl made me so nervous standing up and holding her. Thank goodness Megan was right there just in case.

After leaving Magee, we headed to Brandon for a birthday party. I'm so crazy. The invite said wear your cowboy boots and bring your cowboy hat. So, I just dressed her a little western - not thinking about myself nor John Paul. I was the only one out there in shorts and flip flops. As you can see, it was at a farm and they all rode horses. It was a great party though. The kids LOVED it!

The only one of the kids that I heard yell, "Giddy up!" Only my girl!
The birthday girl. Yes, she got a pony!
These two! Love them to pieces!
This boy only wanted to get under that fence and into the mud. I have a feeling he is going to be all boy!
The pinata was a huge hit!
I can't believe both of mine were on the ground picking up candy!
On Sunday morning I woke up and turned around and my sweet little girl made my bed. A little while later, Darren came home from work with a yummy breakfast. I then got a precious card and some beautiful ferns for the front of the house.
We went onto church and then to Marme's house. We weren't able to have dinner but everyone came over for coffee and dessert. It was so nice and laid back.

Isabella with her great grandmothers. Yes, she is all dressed up. The funny part was when Pap went to get Mamaw from Rigg's Manor, Isabella wore that up there.
This little man had the best time with granddaddy's cane.
Oh my Nana! She asked that I take her picture so I can update her facebook picture. She said the other one is out of date. LOL! Love her!

Of course, what would my life be without my
awesome mom! I can't even imagine my life without her. I can only hope and pray God molds me into the Godly woman and awesome mom she is. Belle told me the other day, "Mama, sometimes when I'm at Marme's house, I call her Mama." I kindly replied, "I know, Isabella, but she is my mama and your grandmother." I know that girl loves her Marme but nothing in comparison to how much I do!!!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Someone's Missing

Last night we hosted a baby shower for a precious couple who we think the world of. They have been through so much to get baby Wyatt here. He was their second in-vitro attempt and Emily had a brain tumor as a child and still has a shunt. They just decided on Thursday that she wouldn't have to have general anesthesia and would just have to have an epidural. Unfortunately, two hours before the shower they called to say her water had broken. Needless to say we moved on and had a shower without them but we sure missed them. Unfortunately she will be only 34 weeks on Wednesday so we are holding out that he will be on his best behavior until then. :)
When I talked to her about doing the shower, she sent me a picture of the baby bedding which was a western theme. I thought it turned out so cute especially with a little help from pinterest.

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