Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Isabella!

Dear Isabella,
I know everyone says they can't believe how fast time flies but it is so hard to believe you are 5 years old today. I remember this very day 5 years ago so well. We were so excited but yet so nervous at the same time. As I look back over the last 5 years, you have grown up so much. Someone told me the other day, sometimes they feel like they are talking to a 25 year old and not a 5 year old girl. You can be so grown up sometimes but then want to be a little girl the next minute. Of course you tell me all the time you want to grow up so you can go to the "Bulldog school." Your passion for the bulldogs is just as strong as mine and you are only 5. I love that!!
You are the most loving child - always willing to hung and give a kiss. You are passionate in just about everything you do in life - loving others, dancing, singing. I hope and pray this passion you have for life grows into a passion for the Lord. As you have grown up and as my relationship has grown with Jesus, my goals for you in life have somewhat been rearranged. I now want more than anything for you to love Jesus and serve him with all of your heart. Someone said a few weeks ago, it is the passion and will that you have that can do wonderful things for the Lord one day - even if it means serving as a missionary in Africa. I can already tell you have a heart to help others and I'm so glad blessed you with that. You are a wonderful big sister and your brother loves you so much already. Seeing you love him and "mother" him makes me smile. I'm sure Marme could give us many examples of me doing the same thing to Uncle Al.
I pray that Daddy and I can be the very best parents to you and he direct us in leading you to him. You are such a wonderful little girl. We are so blessed God gave us the opportunity to help raise you into a wonderful Godly woman.

2 days old - a precious angel
1 year old - took me forever to take this picture. could never get you to smile

2 years old - we can already tell a little personality is coming out here

3 years old - your grin is contagious

4 years old - you are a princess and we are so proud of you name

Happy Birthday, sweet Isabella! Have a wonderful 5th birthday! We love you!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PCS Thanksgiving PowWow

Pinelake Preschool did a great job putting on their Thanksgiving program. It was absolutely precious. Unfortunately, Isabella didn't want to participate. Aunt Mel and Mrs Faith sure did get some great pictures though.

You  got to love Mrs Allison

Sweet kids!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We had the best Thanksgiving this year! We were all at my mom's this year except for Darren, Brent, Bregitte, and Rosemary. All the grands had matching pumpkin shirts and all looked adorable. It was a wonderful time with a lot of family, food, and fun!
Two of my favorite things I am thankful for!

Is this not the sweetest picture ever!

Just four missing!

Sweet babies! They sure are cute little pumpkins!

Great grands!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

MSU vs AL 2011

Two weeks ago Isabella and I had the best time at the MSU/AL game. Darren had to work and we let Marme take care of John Paul for the night. It was a great girl's day!

Silly girl!

Drumline on the way to the walk thru.

The most important part of ball games, other than seeing the bulldogs, chips and cheese.

This was her the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. She was OUT!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tooth Fairy Visit

Isabella lost her first tooth the morning of the AL/MSU game. Just two weeks before she turns 5! She has been asking us to pull it for weeks but her daddy kept telling her it had to come out on it's own. I don't know what made him change his mind but as we were eating breakfast, he just reached over and pulled it. She was so excited!! The tooth fairy brought her $3. Darren and I have started her a pearl bracelet that matches the necklace and earrings he gave me for a wedding present. She wasn't too excited about it but she thought it was pretty. For every tooth she loses, we will add another pearl!

The tooth fairy pillow her great aunt made for her.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Granddaddy's 90th Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Granddaddy's 90th birthday. His actual birthday was on the 17th but since they were all traveling to Florida for our cousin's wedding, we celebrated on Sunday. Of course, he also got a coconut cake at the rehearsal dinner last night. Everyone sang for him - he LOVED every minute of it according to mama.

I'm not sure if I should say this or not but you have to laugh. Nana was telling him to make sure he took his teeth out before blowing out the cake so they wouldn't fall out. Does this kinda stuff only happen in our family?

These two are best buds - Nana and Mamaw

Pap and his little bulldog!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

John Paul - 10 months

Dear John Paul,
We can't believe you are already 10 months old? You are getting so big. Crawling everywhere. Two teeth. Saying dadada - no mama! :( You are still the sweetest little thing ever! You still love your sister and think she is the greatest thing! The two of you wrestle all the time and you just laugh. I'm so scared one of you is going to get hurt. We just watch the two of you very closely.

Your checkup with Dr Phillippi showed you were 20lbs (over the 50th percentile) but only in the 25 percentile in height. I'm trying to not worry about it right now. Hopefully, you will have your daddy's genes in the height department.
You are still eating like a champ. You have started refusing baby food and only want what we are eating. I had to give all the baby food away! One day you wanted baby food and the next day you had had enough. We are winding down on the breast feeding. I'm just not producing enough to keep up with you.
These pictures are getting harder and harder to take. If you did this at 10 months, I can only imagine what your pictures will look like at 12 months.

We love you so much sweet boy! You are such an absolute joy and we couldn't imagine our lives without you. I can't thank the good Lord above for blessing us with you. We love you!


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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What we have been up to................

We have been busy with:

This little guy has a new hat for the winter. Hopefully to keep those ears covered so we won't get any ear infections! His daddy doesn't think much of the hat but I think it is super cute!

This girl! There is no telling what she is going to do next. I went in her bedroom to check on her after she went to sleep and this is how I found her. This hat is from her Halloween costume when she was almost one. She was a pink butterfly.

This is our sticker chart. We have started doing this to help her stay on green at school and after school. More on this subject later.

And this is what I have been up to....getting ready for this race. My sister challenged Al and I to this race on Thanksgiving day. A lot of nights instead of blogging, I'm running in preparation. Wish me luck!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We did a little something different for Halloween this year. Our church had a trunk or treat Halloween night so we decided to do that for the evening. We had the best time. My parents meet us there to help out with the kiddos since Darren was working.
Most of the cars had their trunks decorated with pumpkins, games, and such. See mine below. The neat thing was that most of the stuff I used to decorate was already in my trunk from tailgating. :)

My little Prince Charming LOVES a cheese puff!

Snow White and Prince Charming

If you know my mama and I well enough, you know we are not creative. Just so I'll remember this one day - we made Prince Charming's outfit. Yep, it took two of us and a whole afternoon but we did it! There is nothing a little glue gun and fabric spray won't take care of!

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