Friday, October 28, 2011

Marion and Eliza Jane's Birthday Party

This year my sister decided to have my niece's birthday party here in Jackson instead of Houston where they live. We all thought it was a great idea so we can all celebrate together. Since the girls birthdays are so close together it works out perfectly! Marion turned 3 and Eliza Jane turned 1.
If you have read my blog before you know how I have ranted and raved about how creative my sister is. The pictures below just don't give her enough credit. She did a farm theme party at the Ag Museum.

The centerpieces which she later gave me. :)

These were the cupcake stands which she made. She also made the cupcakes. They were 10 times better than Gigi's!
Birthday girl, Marion!

Birthday girl, Eliza Jane!
Loved....loved....loved riding the ponies!
Uncle Al and Lauren
Marme and baby Brooks

How precious is she!!

Sweet Mamaw, Angie, and Eliza Jane

Happy 1st birthday, Eliza Jane!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Marion!
We had the best time! The company was great! The food was awesome and these two precious girls had a wonderful birthday! Can't wait to celebrate many more with them.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Luke Turns 2

Baby Luke turned two the other day! It is so hard to believe! He is the sweetest thing! We missed his first birthday. He would have been a week older than Sullivan so as Luke hits milestones it always reminds me of what we are missing with Sullivan. Melanie did a wonderful time with his party and everyone had a great time. Here are the great participants that dressed up!
My little monkey is sitting on Aunt Mel's lab not looking at the camera. Princess Ariel wouldn't get in the picture.
How cute is this? Shelley did a great job and the cupcakes below were awesome! Not only super cute but yummy!

The little gnome and his cupcake!
Princess Ariel
Poor thing. She had been sick for days before the party. Before we left the house, she said we were only going to stay for 10 minutes. ;)
You know she felt bad though. She wouldn't let me do her hair or put any makeup on her.

The sweetest monkey ever!

Present time!

Happy Birthday, Luke! We sure do love you!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remembering our Babies

Please remember all of the precious babies who are no longer with their families today. Please light a candle at 7pm and keep their families in your prayers.

My sweet sister gave me these two weeks ago. She knew my due date with Sullivan was coming up. She was right. How ironic it falls on the same day we remember all the other babies we lost. The flowers are such a sweet reminder! Thank you, sweet sister!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving on Along

Can't believe we are doing this already. Almost 2 weeks ago, he started crawling. Now he is everywhere.  Pulling up on things too! His poor little head is so bruised up from falling over and hitting his head. Bless him!

We also noticed something breaking through the bottom of his gums tonight. Will share that later when you can really see something! ;)

The sweetest thing. You know you aren't as strict with the 2nd child. He is probably eating his 5th or 6th cheese puff of the day. :) He LOVED them, can't you tell!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

4K School Pictures

Here's our girl for school pictures. Posing as always!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Football Season 2011 MSU vs LA Tech

Well, MSU football season is off and running. We didn't make it to the first home game which was on a Thursday night and against LSU. Darren was working and I had a conference plus I wasn't going to take 2 kids up there on a Thursday night.
We did make it to the 2nd home game against LA Tech. It was only one of two games Darren is going to be able to make it to due to his work schedule. The next one is homecoming. Poor thing is going to miss every SEC game. He did joke at the ballgame that every time he comes, we lose. Well, at the end of the game before it went into overtime, we decided to leave. As soon as we left the stadium, MSU scores and wins. Told him I couldn't bring him back anyway, he is bad luck! ;)

We did have a great time tailgating with Daphne and her family. We are getting better and better at it every year. Of course, if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be as fancy. We have a TV this year which is great so we can watch the other games.

His first MSU football game (outside my belly)! He spent tailgating like this and got dressed for the game. He did great tailgating but the game was a different story. He cried out every time the cowbells rang or people hollered out. He had not had a nap all afternoon so hopefully that was some of it.

These girls have the best time.

We headed over to the Cellular South area for the face painting and blow up things. I don't know what was wrong with Isabella but she wanted nothing to do with any of it. Maybe next time!

Miss MSU and Isabella. She just happened to be walking to the game when she past our tent area. Now she will know who I am talking about when we watch the Miss Mississippi pageant.

Daphne and my two!

The best of buds! It was so cute to hear them talking and playing during the game. I kept hearing Isabella tell Julia not to cheer because the cheerleaders down in front of us weren't cheering. "Julia, when they cheer, we cheer too." It was too cute!

Isabella took this one of her silly daddy!

Sweet girl loves her dawgs!

Not quite the best picture. As you can tell, John Paul was not happy!

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