Monday, August 29, 2011

Character Breakfast

A few weeks ago I heard about a character breakfast fundraiser The American Cancer Society was hosting at Mint. Since we have been to Disney, I figured Isabella would love it. Plus give us something special to do on a Saturday when Daddy is working. Isabella wasn't too sure at first but after she ate a few bites of her breakfast, she started warming up to them. My mama took her around to all of them and got a few pictures for me. She was a great help! I couldn't have done it without her.
Notice that John Paul didn't think twice about the characters especially all the princesses. He loved it! Can't wait to take him to Disney!

This is the only picture of these three. We didn't see Levi the rest of the breakfast (he was under the table). Needless to say, Faith and Scott will be saving some money by not having to do to Disney anytime soon!

Can't wait for him to see this one day and know who they are.

I was so surprised Isabella choose to dress up as Snow White and not as Princess Belle.

My sweet mama and little girl!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Day of School - 4K

After a lot of praying, I finally felt God was leading us to put Isabella at Pinelake for 4K. I have struggled with the decision for over a year now and I'm finally at peace. A few weeks ago before school started, I realized one day after leaving the daycare, it was time to go. I'm so glad God led us to Pinelake. We are super excited and Isabella is LOVING it. We love her teacher, Mrs. Alison and are looking forward to a wonderful year. She is going to learn so much!!

Darren surprised us by meeting us after he got off work to take her to her first day of school!

She finally sees Aunt Mel taking pictures and gets tickled.

Sweet family picture minus one! ;)

Noah and Isabella. These two are BFFs!

Mrs. Alison, Darren, and Isabella. Not sure what was going on with my camera.

We are super excited to have Levi with us, for school and afterschool.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

So, this past week I had jury duty in District Court. This is the third time in three years I have been asked to report. The first two times were for Rankin County. Each time I got off because of my brother being a police officer. I figured it would be the same this time especially if it was a criminal case. I then figured I would get off since I am still breastfeeding and needing to pump three times a day. Turns out it was a civil case and when I spoke to the Judge about needing to pump, he smiled and said, "No problem, my daughter is breastfeeding. We will accommodate you." I couldn't believe it.

I spent three days with 7 other jurors listening to testimony about a personal injury case. At first I thought, how boring but then realized how thankful I was that it wasn't a rape or murder case. I can't imagine having that all in my mind and making a decision about it. Everyday I prayed that God would direct each of us that were going to be making a judgement in the case but also for everyone else in the courtroom. We apparently were a great group according to the Judge and the US Marshall. It went by very quickly and we all agreed on the first vote. It made the whole experience so much more positive and thankful I got to serve. EVERYONE should serve at least once. It is an experience I will never forget.

Here is the case, by the way:
Our case had to do with the truck driver suing Amtrak for not blowing the horn in time. Long story short, we found that Amtrak did act according to Federal Regulations by signaling the horn in the appropriate amount of time.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6 Months Old

John Paul,

It is hard to believe you are 6 months old. You are the sweetest little boy. Your sweet little cackle that you make especially when your daddy looks at you. When he is around you are always looking around for him to look at you. As soon as he does, you flash the biggest grin and laugh. It is adorable. You also laugh when your sister is doing something. She is always looking for ways to entertain you.

Your checkup with Dr Phillippi was a little late this time since she was out of town. You weighed 18 lbs and 3 oz which is in the 50% percentile. Your height was also in the 50% percentile at 2 ft 2.5 in.

You are a fabulous eater and will eat whatever vegetable or fruit I give you. Cereal is still your favorite though!

We tried to take your 6 month pictures and as you can see below, it was a little difficult. You roll over all the time. We put you on the floor and before we know it, you have rolled to wherever you want to go. It won't be long and you will be crawling to wherever you want to go.

Thank you for always warming my heart and reminding me what an AWESOME God we serve. I hold you a little tighter when I think about it and rock you a little longer just thanking him for blessing us with you.

Love you, sweet boy!

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