Saturday, July 23, 2011

Princess Dance Camp 2011

A week ago Isabella went to Princess Dance camp at the Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet Company. We weren't sure what to expect but it was absolutely wonderful. She thoroughly enjoyed it! So much that we are taking Fall classes. She can't wait!

Everyday they were a different princess. They did a craft everyday along with learning a dance. On the last day they did a little recital for us! She did a fabulous job and one of the best ones in our opinion! :) We will definitely do it next year and highly recommend it!

I have to give a shout out to this sweet Marme! She took Isabella back and forth everyday to help me out! She has no idea how much we appreciate it!!! She is the best!

I also tried to download videos of the recital for the past 4 days! No such luck. I'll keep trying!

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Monday, July 18, 2011


This past Thursday Darren and I had the opportunity to see Emeril do a live demonstration at the Viking classic. A good friend of ours gave us free tickets which made it even better.
It was a lot of fun! Something different to do as a couple.
We weren't supposed to take any pictures but I kept seeing people stick their phones up in the air and take a picture so I did too!
The first thing he did was a cucumber drink with gin in it. Yea, not really our thing. The second item he cooked was a grilled catfish platter which we got to taste. Lastly, was a grilled Tuscany steak with a salad. We would have much rather tried that! :)
The food might not have been something we normally eat but we did learn a few good cooking tips! Most of though, it was great to do something different together!

By the way, he never said, "Bam!"

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Jack

A few weekends ago a few friends of mine and I threw a baby shower for "Jackson Hardy Baldwin" and his mama, Amy. It was so much fun! I usually don't offer my house up for things like this but I made an exception since Amy is such a wonderful friend! :) It all went great! Baby Jack should be here in a few weeks and we can't wait to meet him! John Paul and him are going to be the best of friends!

How cute is this door hanger? Amy's sister, Melanie, had a friend of hers make it.

I went around the moon for these petit fors. They were to die for, even if I had to go all the way to Canton and then get lost!

We all got to see baby Noah who got lots of loving from several of us!

I had asked my mama to come to help with the children! As always, a lifesaver!

Cali wanted to go play in Isabella's room but she didn't.

I can't brag enough about Emily Porter and her awesome talent of monogramming. Actually, she has A LOT of talents but monogramming precious things is one of her top ones! Check her out at Apple Annie's! She does a great job!!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Samuel Brooks Kimbrell

A month ago today, this little man below decided he needed to make his apperance. Well, actually his mama's doctor did. My SIL, Amanda, went in for a routine 36 week check up and his heart rate was around 240. In no time, she was rushed to St D for a stat c section and he was delivered. Not only did he make a surprise appearance, we didn't know if he was a boy or girl. The other part of the story is that the kids and I were on our way to Arkansas for a family reunion with my parents, brother and sister, and their children. We ended up all the way to Jonosboro, picked up my mom, and then turned back around to check on this little man.
He was later transferred to the NICU at UMC where he was diagnosed with atrial flutter. After a week, he was discharged in a normal rhythm but will have to take medication the first year of his life. A month later, he is doing great! The first pictures are when he was just admitted to the NICU but the ones at the bottom are him at home. Isabella couldn't wait to get to hold baby Brooks!

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