Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Fine Lady

Two weeks ago, the Purser family lost a wonderful lady but Jesus welcomed one wonderful lady home.

Darren's grandmother, Minnie Buchanan Stephens went to be with Jesus at the age of 97. I met her 12 years ago when Darren and I first started dating. She was always smiling from ear to ear and I never heard an unkind word out of her mouth. Over the last several years, several strokes had affected her speech so she had a hard time getting out what she wanted to say. Bless her. She would get so frustrated trying to speak to us. We would just smile and talk right back to her. The last time we saw her was in February. We went down to the nursing home to show her John Paul. We told her who he was and she had the biggest smile on her face! She knew exactly who we were and was so excited to see him!

Even though we are sad because she is no longer with us. We know without a shadow of a doubt, she is with Jesus. As I told Isabella, she is with Jesus rocking Sullivan telling him all kinds of stories. She is completely healed and doesn't have a bit of trouble talking!

These pictures are from Megan's (our oldest niece) wedding two years ago.

Megan, Mamaw Minnie, Uncle Gene (Paul's brother), and Papaw (Darren's Dad, Paul)

Morgan, Mamaw Minnie, and Megan

Four Generations: Doug, Megan, Papaw, and Mamaw Minnie.
I have a picture of 5 generations (Megan has a little boy now) but I have looked high and low and can't find it.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4 Months Old

John Paul,

You are four months old and a BIG boy. At your 4 month check up, you weighed 15 lbs 12ozs (75th percentile) and 2 ft 1 in (50th percentile). You are in 6-9 month clothes and are in a size 3 diaper. We are considering add rice cereal to your night time regimen. You are still eating 5 oz every 3 hrs. You were sleeping through the night but that hasn't been going as well over the last week or so. Last night was the first time you slept in your room and I slept in my bed. Hopefully, with me not being right beside you, you won't want to get up and eat. At least that is my goal! :)
You are the most content baby! You love to laugh especially at your sister. We play patty cake with you and you just cackle! It is the cutest thing! You also love your bath especially with your sister talking to you the whole time! You both love each other so much already!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

One Year Ago

I can't believe a year ago today I found out I was pregnant for the 7th time and the last time. It brings back so many memories of the unknown but also fear. Darren was off fishing in Arkansas and I was so scared to tell him. I knew if I didn't carry this baby, we wouldn't try again. I remembering taking the test and then calling Dr Hines the next day to start all the medication. I can't say that I was scared nor necessarily excited. I knew what could happen. We had been down that road too many times before.
I can say today that we serve an AWESOME God who blessed us with one more chance to bring another precious life into this world. It does still hurt that I won't ever be able to carry another child again but God has blessed us with two wonderful precious children. We are so thankful to him and all he has done in our lives.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with Isabella and John Paul. We pray that we can raise them to love you first and foremost and serve you!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

John Paul's Dedication

We choose Easter Sunday to have John Paul's dedication. We knew more family would be in town plus we always get together as a family so what better time to do it! Also, what a wonderful day to dedicate our miracle to God! I knew I wanted to have it at our home church but since it was Easter Sunday, our parents would be in Cruger and they wouldn't have church Sunday evening. We planned to have the dedication at the church and then head to the parents house for dinner. It was absolutely wonderful. It was so nice to pull our our china, sterling, and crystal and have a nice sit down dinner with our families.

If Mimi is around, this is where John Paul is!

Sweet Marion and Aunt Kati

Everyone waiting around.

Pap dedicating another one of his grandchildren.

Darren's parents, Mimi and Papaw and our precious niece, Morgan.

Our family and the great grandparents! Oops! Uncle is in there too, not sure how that happened.
Mamaw, Nana, Granddaddy, and Uncle Ian

Pap and Marme, my parents.

My parents and two out of three siblings with their families. We are a growing bunch with two more on the way!!

Our little family of four!

My two precious miracles! John Paul wore the same gown I wore that Nana made. Isabella also wore it when she was little.

Trying to get a picture of this many is a chore! Lauren should be in it but she was sound asleep.

My Heart!

Dinner at Pap and Marme's

A traditional Easter meal

The flowers at the "adult" table. The peach/orange roses are in honor of Sullivan. We didn't want to forget him on this special day!

The cake wasn't quite what I asked for but it was absolutely wonderful! I ate it everyday for the rest of the week!

Here's Lauren since she didn't make it in any of the other pictures. We found her like this just a talking away. (No one is on the phone!)

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter celebration this year! Every year I feel the celebration of what Easter means has a deeper and deeper meaning for me. As my relationship with Christ grows, this holiday means more and more to me.

We started our weekend celebration on Good Friday with LOTS of children! It was great! Mom and I had the whole day planned. It was so much fun!

We started off with Resurrection Buns! Mel and her three boys came and joined the fun with Andrew, Isabella, Lauren, and Marion.

Everyone ended up with more then one marshmellow because they wanted to eat one!

Listening to Marme tell the story about Jesus and the tomb.

While we waited on the Resurrection buns, we dyed Easter eggs.

Mama had bought them all aprons! Too cute!

They did a great job!

Passing out their buns and finishing the story. As Pap says, they ate the tomb! ;)

Time to hunt some eggs. Mel and I were probably the laziest egg hiders around. Many of them were just thrown into the yard. Of course, we did have some younger ones who needed the "easy" eggs.

Next year Eliza Jane will be running around trying to find them!

Of course, this one is 18months old and should be running around too but he isn't. I don't blame him! If everyone carried me, I wouldn't walk either! Update: He walked by himself the very next weekend!

Sweet girls! Lauren and Belle

How cute are they! We had planned to bake cookies but everyone was so tired and the Lewis family had to leave so we waited until the next day.

I think more dough was eaten then made into cookies.

Bunny and egg cookies

Marion doesn't like to get her hands dirty! :)

Like I said, more eating than baking going on.

The finished product! They didn't have time to add the icing!

Easter morning

This one wasn't too into it this year but next year, he will be ready!

I let this happen but luckily.....

This was the only bite she took! She didn't like them!

Our family of four!

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