Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for Tball

This past Saturday Isabella had her first tball game. It was quite an experience! Unfortunately, Darren had to work but I do believe Isabella had more fans in the stands then anyone else. Pap, Marme, Morgan, Anna Grace, Mimi, and Papaw were all there to watch and of course, John Paul!
At this age they are so cute! When someone hits the ball, they all run to get it, except ours. She stayed in the same stance the whole time she was in the field except when she was waving at us! :) She did get a great hit and made it all around the bases. At this age they don't keep score nor keep track of anything so it is mainly a learning experience! Hopefully, by the end of the season she will be a pro like her mama and daddy were! :)

By the way, my camera was messed up this weekend. I then got Morgan to take pictures which she put on facebook and now I can't get them off facebook. So the pictures are from Darren's Iphone the morning before the game. I'll get better pictures this weekend!

Yes, her outfit is HUGE but all the kids look the same way! ;)

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