Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Night Out

Last Friday night we headed to dinner for the first time as a family of four. What an adventure!!
We were smart though in realizing we shouldn't go far and we shouldn't go anywhere that would require a wait.

The result:

We usually get it to go but last night they did the fajitas funny so we wanted to try something different. It was pretty good! Glad to see Darren venturing out and trying something other then fajitas!

The adventure was with this one below! I was not fighting the clothing issue that night. She had changed into this outfit earlier in the day (from a drawer with summer/spring clothes) and applied the boots. Silly girl!

One of our many friends who had to come but he had to stay in the car!

Our little man was fine except he got fussy while we were eating and had to be held! ;)

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Month Old

John Paul you are 1 month old!

I can't believe it!

You weigh at least over 8lbs. You were last weighed 2 weeks ago and have definitely put on more weight since then.
You are also much longer then 20 1/2 inches like you were 2 weeks ago. In my opinion, you are LONG!
You wear a size 0-3 month. The newborn clothes no longer fit you! :(

You have changed so much in just the last few weeks. You aren't smiling yet but I'm working with you on it. You only cry when you are hungry and I usually let you cry, especially at night. I have learned it takes you a little while to wake up. If I start feeding you before you are awake enough, you go right back to sleep.

You LOVE your sister already. If you are starting to fuss a little, I'll ask her to sing or talk to you and you immediately quiet down. She also LOVES you! You are going to be the best of friends, I'm sure!

Your daddy also says you are a mama's boy which is fine by me. You already seem to look around when I'm not holding you when you hear my voice. Warms my heart! :)

We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We all love you so much and so thankful God blessed us with you!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

We had a great Valentine's day. Pretty low key but nowadays that is how we roll! ;)

Isabella had her Valentine's day party at school and came home with lots of goodies! Darren, John Paul, and I had lunch at the Strawberry Cafe in Madison. We had decided not to do anything for each other other then having a nice lunch together. It was our first time to eat there and we enjoyed it.

When Isabella got home from school, I took a few pictures. I didn't get a super cute outfit for John Paul but he did have a Valentine's day outfit!

My sweet babies!

His first Valentine's day. I know he looks huge! He really isn't but it is definitely "filling" out!

There are just no words!

Mama, get a close up!

Her favorite thing to do. If I had a penny for every time she wanted to kiss him, I wouldn't have to work!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two Week Check Up

Have I mentioned how good God is? I just can't say it enough. We are so absolutely blessed. God has just had his hand in everything and I know he does everyday in every way BUT I guess I'm just really seeing it more and more over the last two weeks. I can't thank him enough.

Yesterday, I took John Paul for his two week check up. We have been seeing the same pediatrician since Isabella was born but he should be retiring in the next couple of years so I knew I wanted to change once John Paul got here. When I called a week ago, I was informed she was no longer taking new patients. Well, I hate to say it but I pulled the name card out and asked one of the MD's I work for to call the pediatrician to see if she would see us. Sure enough, she would! I was so excited!

We had seen Dr Phillippi before during an after hours visit with Isabella one time so I knew she would be great! As soon as she walked in, she wanted to know our story. I just briefly described what we had been through to get John Paul here and how thankful we were. She was just wonderful. We went through everything and how well he is doing. He now weighs 8 lbs and 20 1/2 inches long! How wonderful! Growing exactly as he should and doing everything he should be doing.

Again, we are so thankful and grateful for this precious life God has blessed us with. We can't thank him enough!

Getting dressed after seeing the doctor.

Probably his favorite position. Either laying on mama or daddy's chest. We do try not to do this a whole lot since we don't want him too stinky rotten but it is so hard to put him down sometimes. He is definitely a snuggle bug!

Wide awake! He is starting to spend a little more time awake and looking around. Isabella and I love talking to him during these times!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Grandparent's Day

Yesterday my mama brought over the great grandparents over to see John Paul. It was too much to get them all to the hospital so we waited until I felt better for them to visit. We were excited to see them and show John Paul off to them!

Mamaw, John Paul, and I

Grandaddy, John Paul, and I. While they were there, Granddaddy counted up and he has 5 great grandsons! He is pretty proud!

Nana, John Paul, and I

Can't forget about Miss Belle. Here is a picture of yesterday morning before school. When Darren came back from taking her to school, he had the gloves and her hat in his hands. I asked him what happened. He said she had them off before they even got into the truck. I don't know why I even bothered buying them!

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