Saturday, December 31, 2011

Music City Bowl 2011

I am so glad we made the decision to go to the Music City Bowl in Nashville with all the other awesome MSU fans. It was also great to be with two of my college best friends who meet us there. I just wish the other two had been there! We had so much fun! I wasn't sure if it was such a great decision to take Isabella in the beginning but her sweet daddy insisted. I knew if she found out we went to a MSU game without her we would never hear the end of it. She is a die hard fan! :)
Our seats weren't bad at all!

It would not be a MSU ballgame without these two having chips and cheese!
Once the people in front of us left, these two had more room to move around and visit!
Can't really see the score real well but the bottom line - we WON!
What an awesome time!!

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Daphne Williamson said...

IT was great fun! I hope we get to enjoy a bowl game again next season!