Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bachelorette Party: Mama Style

A few weeks ago, we threw one of the girls in our Sunday School class a surprise bachelorette party. Well, it sure wasn't like the ones we had when I was younger but we all had a great time. It was just right for all of us mamas-literally. I think we had one girl who wasn't pregnant but the rest of us were pregnant or have newborns at home.
The plan started out that we were going to meet at my place for appetizers, move onto La Cazuela for supper, and then the bachelorette's sister's house for cupcakes from GiGi's. Well, after the lovely Friday night water leak, we just meet at our house and moved on from there.

You know you are getting old when you take a mini van instead of a limo. We all fit perfect and had plenty of room. It was pretty funny and everyone thought it was great!

The Bachelorette, Amy!

All the girls!

Amy and Jessica

As we were leaving her sister's house after dessert, I noticed something in Amy's bag. Leftover pink champagne stuffed in her purse! Had to take a picture!

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Trick or Treat 2010

I had big plans for Isabella's costume this year since I figured this would be the last year I had any chance of an opinion. Well, so much for that. A couple of weeks ago we sat down in front of the computer to start looking. I thought she would be so cute as a doughnut since she is really into them but she thought differently. I don't know how but somewhere during the hour we looked online, she came up with a MSU cheerleader. Hey, that was fine with me especially since I knew I had friends whom we could borrow a cheerleader outfit from. And NO, we don't have one yet. My child wears custom made outfits to God's country. I have to make her wear what I want her in as long as possible. There will come the day when she insists on wearing a cheerleading outfit up there! She was absolutely adorable though especially with the pompoms I remembered I needed to order on Thursday and the Good ole Lodge overnighted for me! They definitely completed her look!

Darren was working so we headed to the Stringer's house for another great year of trick or treating. The kids were professionals this year especially Isabella. She would be out of the trailer at the person's front door before I was out of the trailer. She wasn't scared at all! Again, we only did one street which was plenty! Afterwards we headed back to their house to eat and watch the game. It was a great night and we had so much fun!!!!

Daddy, respiratory therapist and Belle, MSU cheerleader.

Little Luke as a cow. He really wasn't into it this year.

The cutest cheerleader EVER!!

Best buds, Noah and Belle. A bucking bull rider and a cheerleader!

Lyla Reed as Workout baby! Look at those thighs!

Belle and the boys. She wanted a picture with "the boys"!

The whole crew after trick or treating. Some had already changed clothes! :(

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Rememberance Day

Last Friday was Remembrance Day. It’s a day that we light a candle as we
remember our babies and so many other babies who left us too early but who are joyfully playing in heaven. I had big plans to post this last Friday night after Isabella went to bed but we had a little mishap here at the house. Right after Darren left for work a pipe under the kitchen sink busted and over 5 gallons of water went everywhere. Thank goodness I have such wonderful neighbors who came to my rescue. By 9 o'clock everything was pretty much cleaned up. I did think it would all put me into labor at one point but I made it through it. By 9 o'clock though I looked at the counter and saw our candle there unlit. It about broke my heart but I knew in my heart it could not have been helped.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Ride

I am about two months behind on posting this but we got a new ride. Well, I guess I should say, I did!
We knew we were going to have to get something new for me soon. My Accord was ten years old and we were scared we would start putting more money in it then it was worth. Well, back this summer one of my co-workers hit my Accord in our parking lot at work. When I got ready to take it to Barnett's to get it fixed, Darren said to just ask the guy if we should do anymore work to it in order to get it ready to sale. The guy (whom I have used for every "incident" I have had) was confident HE could sale my car without a problem. Needless, to say the next day I got a call from him that he had sold my car. It wasn't even fixed and the guy had sold it! Whoa! We were pumped but really didn't except to sale it so quickly! Well, long story short we didn't sale it to that guy but 2 days later after it was fixed, another guy wanted it! Thank goodness Mama was still in Alaska so I could borrow her car until we were ready to buy one. It all happened so fast and we were quite ready! But it was the easiest sale which was how I like to do things!

A few weeks later, we went to Bob Boyte and this is what we got. I am still not quite used to it. I feel like I am driving a bus around with one kid in it but I think once John Paul gets here I will be just fine! PLUS it will be so much easier with a newborn with my automatic doors.
Belle LOVES her new van by the way! :)

2010 Honda Odyssey

The inside! Still learning how to use all the buttons!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Soccer 101

I was pumped about soccer and then we went to our first practice. I thought that 45 minutes couldn't have gone any slower. Belle didn't want to have anything to do with practicing nor the first game. I really thought she would do better once Noah got out there with her but last Thursday at practice, she was out there maybe 5 minutes. We ended up missing Saturday's game due to the fever virus. We will see how tomorrow night's practice goes. I personally thinks she is shy around the guy coaches! ;)

Our first practice

Our first game...the first play.

2 minutes later....wandering off with daddy

We are out there but not doing anything....

Again, out there but still not doing anything.

We are one of two girls on the team. After halftime this was a picture of both girls under the canopy. Kate Grey and Belle

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Afternoons at Disney

We literally spent almost every afternoon at the pool. It was one of the things she asked to do every day after seeing Mickey and Minnie. I was so glad the Wilderness Lodge had such a great kiddie pool and adult pool! Belle's favorite part was the slide! She even remembered a few things from swimming lessons! Her daddy is real good about reminding her of all that stuff!

The kiddie pool!

Jumping in the pool to mama!

The famous slide! Literally 100 times a day!

In front of the geyser by the pool!

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