Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 4 Night: Downtown Disney

We weren't planning on heading out on our last night but again, we were looking for something to eat other then hamburgers and fries. I had gone through the map of Downtown Disney and saw there was a sandwich place plus an Irish pub! By this point in the trip, I was feeling like I was starting to overdue it and we didn't plan on pushing ourselves. Once we got there it was such a neat place walking around and seeing all the shops they had. We ended up stopping at the Irish pub and having some great fish and chips. This was Darren's first experience with them and he seemed to enjoy but not as much as Belle and I! Must be the British in us! ;)
We did end up walking all the way around to see everything and then back again to ride the bus home. We just walked slowly and I drank lots of water!

We didn't go in here but it was a neat picture! Well, let me say that again. Belle and I didn't go in here but Darren used their restroom!

The LEGO store! We walked through there and if we had a boy, I am sure we would have stopped. Next time, for sure! We couldn't resist taking a picture with a bulldog though!

I thought about this briefly right after she asked if she could go. I did explain to her that she would have to ride back cold and wet but that didn't seem to matter!

Again, as with many other pictures.....the joy and smile on her face make it all worth it!

Yea, I also need to put in here that after the splash pad I went into the store to spend $25 so I could buy a $10 Mickey towel for her to dry off with!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 4 Afternoon: Hollywood Studios

I wasn't sure what to expect here but it was pretty good. We thoroughly enjoyed the 3D Muppet show and Belle loved the playground at Honey I Shrunk the Kids. We also saw the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast show which were great also. Of course, we aren't big enough to ride the roller coasters and all that so there wasn't a whole lot for Belle to see other then the shows.

Hollywood Studios

The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground

This was a pretty neat ride we took about how they make stunt movies.

In honor of my mama and her little bug she had! We also watched that movie 100 times growing up!

Belle really only wanted to take a picture with the lady Incredible. I didn't think it was right to ask him to get out of the picture so Belle agreed to take it the picture with me!

Daddy and Belle at the Beauty and the Beast show. As she says, "Her Princess".

She was watching so intently!

The end of the Beauty and the Beast show.

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Day 4 Morning: Chef Mickey

Our fourth day started out at Chef Mickey's. We were actually out of "sit down" meals by this day so we had to pay for this one ourselves. What made it even worse was the food was horrible. We had a great time visiting with Mickey and his friends though!

The Purser family and Mickey!

Minnie and Belle matched thanks to Daphne who let us borrow the pants and the super cute shirt Mrs. Emily made for us!

Daddy, Goofy, and Belle

Donald and Belle

Pluto,Daddy, and Belle

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Day 3: Epcot

I wasn't sure if Epcot was going to be the place for me but I really liked it! I really thought Darren would like it more then me! I wish I had had more time and been by myself to really go into the different countries. We all really liked the Land and Sea section especially talking to Crush. It was really cute!
We also really enjoyed the Princess lunch. The food wasn't the best but it was different and I like trying different foods. Of course, the Princess lunch was Belle's favorite part! After the lunch, she was ready to head back to the Lodge to swim.

Welcome to Epcot!

They even put the Mickey symbol in fish tank.

The princess of the day was Belle! Our Belle was grinning from ear to ear!

Sleeping Beauty and Belle

Cinderella and Belle

Snow White and Belle

Ariel and Belle. Belle actually said the mermaid was her favorite!

The picture is for our Nana since we are her two favorite girls!!! We stopped at a little store and got her some real English tea and candy!

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Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Isabella wasn't a big fan of Animal Kingdom! We all thoroughly enjoyed the Lion King and Nemo show but other than that, there wasn't a whole lot we were interested in!

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom!

Isabella wouldn't get near Lilo and Stitch!

She also wanted nothing to do with Pocahontas.

The monkeys in the Lion King show! It really was impressive!

The only character she would take a picture with on this day!

Hippos on the safari ride! This was pretty neat!

My sweeties!

After I took the picture I stopped this quickly!

The treat of the day was getting to eat at Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge where we stayed. The food was fabulous! It does make me really nervous taking Belle somewhere neat and fancy but she did okay.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disney World 2010 Day One: Magic Kingdom

I can't believe the Pursers made it to Disney World!!! We left last Friday and returned on Wednesday AND we all flew down there. If any of you know my husband, he doesn't fly. It is his ultimate fear but he was so sweet about it since the doctors won't let me sit for very long. He did good especially on the way back. If I could only keep him and Belle from fighting over the window seat! They were like two little kids!!

I have to be honest though as far as Disney World. I was worried. Darren is really not one for making plans so to schedule breakfast three months in advance was a little hard BUT it all worked out! I have to thank my dear friend, Robin! I literally gave her my password and she made all of our reservations for us. I told her how we usually liked to do things and she gave me step by step what we should do! I can't thank her enough!
We really did have a great time! We do realize it will be a couple of more years though before we go back. We will also wait until it is a little cooler! It definitely was magical and we ALL enjoyed ourselves!

Here come the Pursers, Magic Kingdom!

Breakfast with Pooh and Friends at the Crystal Palace. The food and dining experience was GREAT!

Belle surprised us! We really thought she would like all the characters. She warmed up to Pooh with Daddy holding her!

She didn't like Tigger at ALL! Tigger and Mama

She LOVED Piglet! He was more her size!

Family Picture in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse! Darren has never seen this movie! I have got to find it out there!

OH! This was a HUGE success! She was Mary Poppins for Halloween last year! Mary Poppins thought that was Fabulous!

Before shot at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Her first glimse at herself!

I wasn't sure how she would respond to this experience but she loved it! I teared up because she was so happy! This experience and seeing her happiness made the whole trip worth it!

Princess Isabella

Love the stance. She was watching Mickey and the Princesses perform!

By the end of the afternoon we finally found Mickey and Minnie. She was pumped!

Part of the parade we caught as we were heading back to the hotel!

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