Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Belle

After my last post about John Paul, I feel like I need to update everyone on Miss Belle. There are just so many things about this precious JOYE in our lives. Not a day goes by that she makes me laugh and scream usually within an hour's time.

Our conversations are becoming more and more involved and she is much more stubborn about a few things.

This past Wednesday she started Cherub's choir at church. I had started talking about it a week before so she would be ready. She was pumped! I explained she would learn new songs about Jesus. Without me saying another word she told me she would then sing them to Daddy and I. She also promised me she wouldn't talk in choir! Well, I was rolling on the floor at this point because it is pretty sad that my 3 1/2 year old already knows she talks too much! My mama can tell you this was an issue for me too!!! I love it! She is mine!! She did have a great time but I am not quite sure it was what she thought! When we picked her up afterwards, she wanted to know when she was going to "cair". I explained she had already been. She didn't like that answer one bit because she wanted to go to "cair"!

We have also been having some issues with clothes. I have been going through her clothes the last several weeks since we have no reason to keep our girl clothes anymore!! ;) As much as she loves her girl cousins she is not quite ready to give them her clothes! She thinks she can still wear stuff that is a size 12 month! I have learned to try not to go through her clothes when she is around. The pictures below are a prime example. One Sunday afternoon I was tired of fighting with her about a nap so just gave up. I was exhausted. She later came to me wearing a bathing suit because she wanted to go swimming outback. I explained it was raining and she couldn't. She came back with her rain boots on and this horrible jacket(size 2) that was cotton but she called it a rain jacket. I just gave up at this point and let her go on outside. By this point it had stopped raining.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


John Paul Purser

So, I have been hiding something from my blog for 13 weeks now. Yes, we are pregnant. The above picture is "John Paul" Purser at 12 1/2 weeks. It takes up a lot of nerve to announce something like this after all we have been through. You just want to hold onto some things. You have this fear that every time we go to the doctor, there won't be a heartbeat AND of course this fear will continue until we have this precious baby boy alive in our arms!
It is very hard to tell everyone you are pregnant and then to have to turn around and tell everyone you have miscarried! But we are super excited to say that at 17 weeks everything is absolutely perfect so far!

This was my way of telling Darren we were pregnant. I actually found out the Sunday night he was in Arkansas with Mr Doug fishing but didn't tell him until he got home. I knew no matter what this was going to be the last time I would be pregnant and I wanted to do something special. I stopped by Kroger and they just happened to have a pink and blue cake. The lady that wrote on the cake thought my idea was so cute. I didn't think it was "that cute" but I'm not very creative. When we got home, I let Belle give him the cake. Boy, she was pumped! She didn't realize what was going on, she was just so excited to have cake! Yes, that is why a piece is missing before I could take a picture of it. It took him a couple of minutes to realize what it meant and then proceeded to ask how it happened. I immediately laughed and then he realized what he had said! It was sweet!

With my thrombophilia, I knew what to expect and the very next day after the positive pregnancy test I called Dr Hines. We immediately started on the heparin, endometriun, and several by mouth meds. Every 3 days or so I would go in for my HCG levels which continued to increase dramatically. So much I one point I asked the nurse if she thought I was carrying twins! It was so exciting. As you can see from the picture below this was our first ultrasound at six weeks.

Our very first picture of our baby at 6 wks.

7 wks

8 wks
After our 8 wk appointment, Dr Hines released me and sent me to Dr Ethridge. I had a lot of hesitancy at first but by the time 10 1/2 wks came, I was ready to see him. We have been through a lot with him and he has always been supportive in our decisions. At the visit, he was super excited to see us and super excited to see how well everything was going so far.

10 1/2 wks

More to come!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Haircut

Yes, she is 3 1/2 and just getting her first haircut and it really wasn't even a haircut but it needed some professional trimming.
Mrs. Terri did a great job just getting it all one length. Now to let it grow!!!


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