Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anniversary Trip

When we first started talking about going somewhere for our anniversary and Darren's birthday we thought about the mountains. Well, Darren decided he wanted to take Belle so that wasn't an option. I then thought about Natchez. Darren's comment to that was, "what is there but old houses?" Alright, finally a coworker of mine suggested The Grand in Point Clear, AL. Darren isn't a beach kinda guy nor a shopping kinda guy so I thought a resort would be just fine. My thoughts were I would just lay by the pool but he had other plans. It is funny how when we are at home, I go all the time whereas he doesn't. So we go on vacation and I just want to sit but he wants to go!! Needless to say, we didn't stay in our room much at all. We ended up going down on Sunday and coming back on Tuesday. A quick EXPENSIVE trip but worth it! The coworker didn't tell me how expensive it was. We did have a great time though and Belle had a wonderful time at Marme and Pap's house!

The view of the front building of The Grand.

The pool! Now this was great! We spent part of the afternoon here because the maid was cleaning our room! I would have liked to spent the whole day here!

You know I had to take a picture of this! They were everywhere although we never saw any oil!

On Monday we toured the USS Alabama which I had never done before. Darren had and he made sure I toured every bit of it! A few times I would try to skip ahead and he would call me back, "Wait, honey! You are jumping ahead!" Oh really! Sorry! It was funny!

Yep, the only picture of us the whole trip! Happy 6th anniversary, Honey!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary!

I know I am going to be backtracking over the next several posts but I need to get them on here.

On June 12th Darren and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. Darren took off work for the weekend which I am pretty sure is the first time in 6 years he has been off for the actual day. I started off with a massage at Trio from a gift certificate he had given me 2 years ago! Thank goodness they still accepted it!
When I got home, Belle and Darren were waiting in the kitchen acting a little funny! He was holding her and when I walked in the door they leaned over together to hug me. As we were hugging I looked at the kitchen table and there were a dozen roses. The best part was there was a box of chocolate covered strawberries which are my favorite! As you can see from the picture below, I shared them!!!! For the rest of the day we took it easy!

Hard to believe it has been 6 years. We both were sure a lot skinner, less grey, and tanner!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Year Later

It is so hard to believe it has been a year since we lost Sullivan. It seems like yesterday. What a horrible day! Of course, that day I had no idea the impact of what was happening would have not just on me but my marriage and my relationships. I honestly thought the day would be over and we would just move on like nothing happened. I can't believe the impact of losing our son has had on us!

The past year has been filled with love, heartache, pain, joy, and the realization that we have to move on. As I have said before, if it wasn't for Isabella I don't think Darren nor I would get out of bed every morning. She MAKES us move and makes us keep living AND we have to for her sake. She deserves the very best from us and deserves our attention. She keeps us from getting down in the dumps and brings a smile to our face all day long! One of her new teachers said the other day, "Belle Purser is always smiling!" That comment brought a smile to our faces! For someone to realize (who barely knows her) how much life, energy, and love she has for us and life is wonderful!

Through the past year I have come to realize a lot. I have grown mentally and more then anything spiritually. My relationship with the Lord has grown tremendously and I am closer to him then ever. If it wasn't for my relationship with him I can't imagine the anger and hate I would have over losing our son. I have read so many blogs where the blogger doesn't know Christ and you can feel the anger from their words. Although I did have some anger which I believe is part of the grieving process I am no longer angry. Without a shadow of a doubt, God has blessed me and my family. As I think back on what we have been through I know people out there have been through so much more then us! There is no way I can feel sorry for myself nor my life when things could have been worse. We are blessed! Extremely!

I just got through telling Darren that I didn't want today to be a sad day. I want to celebrate our family and the three of us! We are beyond words blessed and I am so thankful for God and all he has done in our lives! He is worthy to be praised!!!!!!!