Saturday, April 24, 2010

Resurection Buns

I am so glad a friend of mine on Facebook posted the recipe and story for resurrection buns. This was a wonderful idea and I recommended it with anyone with kids.

Marme reading the story of Jesus.

Pap and Uncle David joined in! Well, not really, they just stopped at the table to see what we were doing.

Wrapping the marshmellow (Jesus) up in the crescent roll(the cloth).

While the resurrection buns were cooking, we had ballet class. Let me make the comment that ballet class didn't last long when the older two realized I was taking pictures and made the comment, "We should probably stop, these will end up on facebook!" Nope, just my blog!

Singing "Alive" after the buns were done!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 months

Today marks 10 months since we lost Sullivan. It hurts more this month then it has. I really think it has a lot to do with everyone in our SS class having babies. As a matter of fact, one of them was born today. It also made me realize that the baby I carried to 13 weeks would be due next month. It really is amazing how time flies.
As of right now we are waiting on blood work. Almost two weeks ago I had a hypercoag panel for the hematologist and genetic testing for the reproductive endocrinologist. The results from the hypercoag panel are normal but the genetic testing should take at least another week or so.
Just waiting.........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Right Here

Before I move along with the Easter pictures, I had to write down another one of mine and Belle's conversations before I forget.
One of the things I remember my dad always doing with me is trying to get me lost while he was driving in the car. He would always ask if he had gotten me lost yet and did I knew where I was. Well, Saturday we were coming the back way from Florence to the house around by Whitfield and the airport when I thought I would do it with Belle.

Me: "Have I got you lost yet?"
Belle: "No!"
Me: "Belle, do you know where you are?"
Belle: "Yes"
Me: "Well, where?"
Belle: "Mama, I am right here!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010 Part One

We had so many activities for Easter I am having to separate the posts. I took lots of pictures!

Of course we started with dying Easter eggs. I honestly don't know why I do this other then it is tradition. All I end up doing is throwing them away. Yes, I probably should make deviled eggs but Darren was working so I knew they wouldn't get eaten. Maybe as she gets older I'll get more into it.

Because the parents are traveling out of town to preach now and don't get back until the afternoon, we decided to have our Easter dinner on Saturday. Both Al and Darren were working but everyone else was there. We had so much fun!

Pap, Lauren, and Belle

Marme kept Belle on Good Friday and this was one of their activities. I remember Mama making this cake when we were little. Belle loved it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010 Part Two

One of the things Nana has always loved to do for the grandchildren is to fill Easter eggs with loose change. I am so glad I took these pictures of the great grandparents "stuffing" eggs. They were hilarious about it!!

Mamaw and Aunt Janis. Although Aunt Janis isn't a great grandparent, she is a great great aunt!

Nana and Granddaddy

We had more eggs then money so Mama got into a stash of Mr. Doug's!

Hiding eggs!

Get ready, get set, go!

Here they come!

Trying to get three kids to look at the camera!