Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Annual Egg Hunt

Last Saturday we went to Trinity for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. I had actually already made plans to go to our church's Easter egg hunt which was the same day and time but it didn't sit too well with the Queen Mum (Nana). After my mama told her we were going to our church I got an email from Nana saying how much she was going to miss seeing the kids especially Isabella. She didn't know who was going to share their candy with her. After that I knew we had to have a change of plans.

The annual puppet show

Took me picking up about 4 eggs for her before she got into the doing it herself.


She had already opened one of the eggs with candy inside. Here she is taking the candy to Nana to share!

4 generations. A horrible picture but an annual picture of the four of us.
(Princess Belle, The Queen Mama, The Queen Mum, and Princes Amanda)

Opening up the eggs.

The two Isabellas

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last Sunday I taught Belle's Sunday school class and then headed to "big" church while she stayed in children's church. Afterwards we are getting in the car and this was what was said.
Belle: Mama, did you go to big church?
Me: Yes!
Belle: Mama, I am so proud of you. You went to big church! Big girl!
Me: Thank you, Belle.
Does she realize we do this every Sunday?

The best so far has been when I was putting her to bed.
Belle: Mama, Mama, Mama
Me: What?
Belle: Mama, I kissed Cass at school!
I just didn't know what to say. I had to hold back a laugh and say.
Me: Belle, you shouldn't kiss boys. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't kiss anyone but mama, daddy, mimi, pap, papaw, and marme.
Might I add in here that Cass is right up there with her as far as behavior issues. Oh, she is already going after the bad ones! AND you can beat her daddy had a talk with her after he got home from work the next morning.

Lastly, you know your child is a redneck when your husband picks her up from school and is told she peed on the playground in front of everyone.

Our first day of wearing pigtails! She wore them for a couple of hours.

Yes, this is my shaving cream. Yes, she used the whole bottle. Thank goodness it was almost gone!

All the pans underneath my stove that she drug out one day and placed all over the dirty kitchen floor. I had to wash them all.

When I was loading the clean pans back into the drawer, I found her daddy's flip flops that she put in there!

Monday, March 22, 2010


It's been a long 9 months.....................

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am writing this post as a reminder. A reminder to me that when Isabella is 26 and she is walking across the stage to recieve her medical degree or her nurse practitioner degree, I can look at her daddy and say it was all worth it!

I know there are children out there that are busy and smart but mine seems to have a little more juice then others. We have known all of this for a while and many of you know we have had some behavorial issues but the last few weeks have rocked our world. She has been biting off and on for a while and usually when it happens, I leave work and go up to daycare and spank her. Well, needless to say spanking was not working. It was recommended that we should try putting vinegar in her mouth when she bites. Yesterday was a week since the drama ended. Knock on wood..... but our daughter hasn't bitten anyone and out of 6 days has only been on "yellow" once. Poor Darren is the one that had to do the vinegar and spank her. Later that evening, when I asked him about it his reply was "I'll quit work and keep her at home before I have to do that again." It was heartbreaking but we are having to look toward alternative discipline in order to get her under control.

We also had a little incident at school which didn't end up too good on the teacher's side. Bless her heart! Before I picked Belle up that day I had a talk with the director. It has now been recommended that we start 4k elsewhere where they can discipline her more (University Christian) and she will have more structure. They will also move her up to the 4 yr old room once there is a spot. Oh my! All this to say, it has been overwhelming to hear all these things about your child even when you know they are true.

I also want to say this to all you mom's out there whose kids have been bitten and yours don't bite. Ask the daycare if the kid's parents really discipline them and are working at solving the problem. I can tell you right now that everyone in our daycare knows we have worked our tails off to get her to stop and feel horrible about every child our child has bitten. I know this sounds horrible but if it keeps happening to you, talk to the director and get to the bottom of the situation because the majority of parents whom have been in our situation feel horrible!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shhhhh, it's a surprise

This is where we went Saturday morning but we aren't telling what we were doing. It's a surprise for Nana for Mother's day! We are so excited! We sure do love surprises!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My idea of a shower

This past Sunday I was invited to a baby shower for a lady in our SS class. I was so excited!!!! Not only do I LOVE any kind of baby or wedding shower I knew this one would be pretty fabulous. The address on the invitation gave it away when I saw Eastover subdivision!

But mainly I am so excited for Melanie and Justin who are expecting Molly Rose in the next couple of weeks! They are going to be wonderful parents!

As I was saying about loving a shower I especially love a shower with beautiful things! I love china, sterling, and all the fancy stuff. Now that doesn't mean they are all over my house. (They are all actually in a closet in the hallway) BUT one day I can't wait to be able to display it! But let me just say this, I also LOVE a shower with pottery and Wilton Armitale (which is what Mel and I also use)!

The hostesses did a beautiful job with the food and the decorations. Of course, the house was gorgeous with lots of antiques! Here are a few pictures!

Absolutely beautiful!


Ashley and Kayla

Lots of presents

Melanie(soon to be mom), her sister Amy, and their mom Marianne

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday sweet Taylor! TayTay as he is nicknamed turned 5 last week. It is so hard to believe. Taylor will always remind me of Mama Maye since he was born the day before she died. I went from one unit of Baptist hospital to the next experiencing life and death in 2 days. He will also always have a special place in my heart because I kept him while I was in NP school while his mama worked. It gave me a lot of experience!

Taylor had his birthday party at Pump It Up last Sunday. This was our first visit to Pump It Up and let's just say it was a success! Isabella loved every moment of it and is fearless with everything in there!

The slide was probably her favorite thing!

Yea, she had to be up in the middle of it so she could see!

Warren and Noah

Silly Ben!

Silly Feldman Family!

This past Saturday we returned to Pump it Up for Caden and Grayson's birthday party. Their sweet talented mama, Emily, did everything in a sock monkey theme and it was all precious! I realized once we got in the door I left my camera in the car and was too lazy to go back out and get it. BUT let me say, it was precious! Cute monkey cupcakes and everything was decorated perfectly! Isabella again had so much fun! Everyone there was laughing at her and commenting how fearless she is when sliding down the slide. Here is a cute picture of how precious the cupcakes were!