Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

We had the sweetest offer this year from a couple in our Sunday school class to watch Isabella while we had dinner the Saturday night before Valentine's day. They have a little girl who is three like Belle so we knew they would have so much fun playing. Ashley is a lot like me on how we are raising our girls so I knew I could totally trust her. The problem came up when Belle starting coughing the day before. On Saturday morning we were concerned we wouldn't be able to go but they said to go ahead and bring her. Once we walked in the door she didn't look back except to kiss us goodbye. She was so excited to go play with Cali. She also got to go to Fernando's with them. They go every Saturday night since kids eats free.

Darren and I had a great dinner at AJ's on the Lake.

This used to be one of our favorite places before Belle was born. They have since moved to Ridgeland. He had a great ribeye and I had ribeye wrapped scallops. They were yummy! We had a good time and were so thankful to the May's for babysitting for us!

Sunday morning Belle woke up coughing again so Darren stayed home with her while I ran to the late service to keep the nursery. Before I left though I put on some meatballs, rotel, chicken wings, and peach cobbler since the Daytona 500 was coming on at noon. I figured my redneck husband would enjoy a junk food lunch since the first race of the season was starting. I need to add in here that he reminded me all weekend what we were doing last time this year. (We were at the Daytona 500.) I guarantee to you next year we will be at the race because I felt so bad he wanted to be there and I didn't. I'll do better next year!!!! We had a perfect afternoon of just the three of us laying around eating junk food!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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