Sunday, January 31, 2010

91 Years

Today my Mama Maye would have been 91! Next month she will be gone from us for 5 years. It is still hard to believe. It also still hurts today as much as it did 5 years ago. I think it is mainly because of Isabella. I can't imagine how excited she would have been to see my daughter especially one that looks so much like a Kimbrell. I spent many a weekend with her and Papa watching TV and shopping. I have so many wonderful memories.
One of my fondest memories is the picture below. This was my wedding day and she may not have known "exactly" where she was but she was there. We lost her 8 months later but it thrilled my heart to have her there and walk down that aisle with my brother.

I think she looks so pretty in the picture!

Happy Birthday, Mama Maye! I love you so much and miss you!

Cowboy Up!

Last weekend Isabella went to Gray's 2nd birthday part which was a cowboy theme. It was so cute! Of course, Paige is real creative so everything was precious and decorated perfectly!

The front door when you walked up! Too cute!

Sweet birthday boy!

Paige had to keep lighting the candle on his little piece of cake. He kept wanting to blow it out!

The older girls upstairs playing princesses. No cowgirl stuff for them!

My little cowgirl!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Annu!

Last Saturday we celebrated Andrew's 4th birthday party! We went to ChikFil which is what Nana calls it so we have renamed it! One of our little family inside jokes! Nana had never been so when she got the invitation she got really excited and told mama she had never been to ChickFil before! LOVE IT!

Anyway, the kids had a wonderful time and he got a lot of presents! We also learned that Isabella and Lauren DO NOT like the cow. Morgan and I couldn't get Lauren out of her seat quick enough!

We had a really good time and enjoyed getting to visit with everyone!

Isabella before the party with her black eye that someone gave her at school. No one has admitted to it!

Al thinks he is cool trying to take a picture of me while I am taking one of him.
The two lovely young ladies in this picture is Nana, on the left and Mamaw, on the right.

The COW!

Having a good time!

Scooby Doo Cake = pretty cool!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been meaning to post some other things that we have been doing about our time lately but tonight I just have to talk about what has been going on. My heart is so heavy and much heavier then it has been in a while.

I haven't shared about what has been going on with me in a while. So I will try to make a long story...short. I got pregnant 2 months after losing Sullivan. We did everything we were supposed to. Pills, shots, appts, etc. I was a very good patient, I promise! On the morning of 13 weeks I noticed I had spotted a little. Well, in a normal situation I wouldn't have worried but I was on a blood thinner shot so I figured I should probably go ahead and call. I went in by myself (I should know by now NOT to do this). I even told Pam (the sono tech) that she couldn't give me bad news because I was by myself. Sure enough, no heartbeat. I sat in the exam room waiting on Dr E for FOREVER. I know he avoids bad situations like the plaque but as soon as he walked in the door he couldn't even look at me and said, "I just didn't even want to come in here." I very nicely responded, "I know. I have heard you in every room but this one." I should say bless his heart at this point but really, bless my heart. We set the D&C up for Wed but my body just didn't feel the need to wait. Tuesday morning I ended up seeing the MD on call and 2 hours after seeing him I had my D&C. My poor husband didn't realize how bad the bleeding was and how serious it was until the MD said we had to do it ASAP. The great thing was as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia, I felt better. Two weeks later Dr. E and I sat down to discuss our plan. We would wait 3 months, see the hematologist, let her do more blood work, and then sit back down to discuss what we would do next as far as trying to have another baby.

Again, what happens? I get pregnant again. Yes, as I told my brother, we do know how this happens. I obviously have no problem NOW getting pregnant but holding onto the babies is the issue. When we went in two weeks ago, he was surprised to see us but not upset with us. The ultrasound looked good but we still couldn't see a sac so he ordered a series of HCG levels. The only problem was I was spotting. At this point, I psyched myself up that we would lose this one too. I hate giving myself hope so that when something bad does happen, I am prepared mentally. My only hope was that I immediately got pregnant with Belle after my first MC so just maybe I could hold onto this one. Another long story...short. I ended up in the ER Tuesday afternoon with severe pain from a ruptured ovarian cyst. Might I add this was my 4th one and 2nd ER trip with these horrible things! They ended up admitting me because of the pregnancy and with the fear I had an ectopic pregnancy. Thank goodness for dilaudid. After hours of pain and demerol, they finally gave me dilaudid and I got some rest.

As of last Wednesday I went in for another HCG level which had started dropping. So again, I miscarried. I go in again on Monday for another lab level to make sure it has gone down to 0.

So, last week I became proactive in my health care (again) and set myself up an appointment with another reproductive endocrinologist in town! The first one I wasn't pleased with at all! This one today was great although he was very honest with me. After looking at my records and listening to my history, he only gave us a 40-50% chance of having another child. Four months ago, we were told we had a 90% chance so needless to say that was a little crushing to hear. He wants Darren and I both to have genetic testing done called karyotype. Hopefully we can either get this done at my regular GYN's office or the Baptist. This would be the first step followed by a special ultrasound to look at my uterus. We briefly discussed the next steps but we are hoping we don't have to go that far down the road. We also will start the heparin with a positive pregnancy test and take the $250/month progesterone vaginal tablets before I am pregnant and up until 10wks. So, we have had a lot to digest this week and we haven't discussed it in detail. I don't know what we are going to do. I have been trying to decifer God's will through this and I really don't have an answer yet. One day I think one thing and then the next it is different. So right now, we are praying for God's ultimate will about our decision on having another baby. His will needs to be done. Please be praying for us with this decision!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Wanted

Last weekend was great. We picked up our middle niece, Morgan to spend the weekend with us. She has been getting a little tired of staying in Magee all the time so we offered her to come here for the weekend. Belle and I picked her up in Puckett on Friday evening. Mimi even gave us money to eat at Billy Burgers even though we had planned on eating at the "Purser Family" restuarant but since Mimi was paying, we had Billy Burgers. We also stopped and got several movies for the weekend.

Let's just say no need to rent those again. One was boring and the other one had filthy language in it. The other one we got was Barbie's Thumbelina but no one needs a picture for that one.

We spent the weekend going to Andrew's birthday party, shopping, going to church, and spending time with my wonderful friends from college Sunday afternoon for group therapy! HA!
We hope Morgan comes back real soon to spend time with us! We love her dearly!

Belle's first experience with sour gummy worms! She LOVED them!

Every time we turned around Belle was in Morgan's makeup!

Two sweet girls before church Sunday morning.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ichibutt for Supper

I know that sounds like a horrible title but I couldn't come up with anything better! HA! My husband calls Ichiban Restaurant, Ichibutt so we all do now! Anyway, this past Tuesday night my baby brother, his wife Bregitte, her sister Beta Rae came over and we took them out to eat. Might I add in there that Brent's friend, Joey also known as "The Goat" joined us. This was their last night in town before they left for North Carolina so we needed a visit.
We had never been to the hibachi part of Ichibutt before so we were looking forward to it. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the meal and don't ever expect any because I doubt we will be going back. Not to say it was bad but it is nothing compared to Little Tokoyo or Kyoto's! But we did have a good time visiting especially when they came to the house afterwards. Here are a few pictures Darren took (who still doesn't know how to work the new camera).

No, Belle doesn't have on lipstick. She has been licking her lips and refuses to put "lipstick" on them! We have the same issue with her cheeks!
Also, seems like you can't get all three of us to look at the same time! Isn't Rosemary cute though!!!!! Sweet!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doing it up Rankin County Style New Year's Eve

There are just no words to describe our New Year's Eve. Darren is usually working but ended up being off so went with us to the Lewis's/Wilkinson's house. Belle and I go every year but end up leaving around 8 or 9pm. I figured we would do the same thing this year. Well, I was wrong! There ended up being about 30 of us there and we had wonderful food. After we ate, the big kids went and got fireworks while we let the little ones shoot theirs. Let me just say that our child is NOT afraid. She has not ever been but this year there was really no fear. As you can see from one of the pictures she would go with one of the guys to light the firework at the end of the driveway and then run back as fast as she could before it went off. It was hilarious! Someone joked she would get a track scholarship in college! HA! After the little ones finished, some of the folks including Belle and Darren went on a hayride while the ladies visited. They came back a while later and said they were going on a "longer" one and we should go. Sure! We had brought plenty of warm clothes knowing there was going to be a hayride so we were prepared. What we weren't prepared for was getting stuck in the mud at the deer camp. Mel's house is right by our deer camp so we went riding on that land. They had hooked a John Deer tractor to a trailer filled with 20 of us and hay. Long story short, we ended up having to back up and go back the other way because we couldn't get through the mud. PLUS this was all in the rain. The funny part was to get home quicker we rode down Hwy 25! The folks passing us must have thought we were crazy! Only in Mississippi can you drive down the highway in a tractor! I do have pictures of us stuck but they are on my phone and I have no idea how to put them on here. We ended up getting back to the house at 1145 and going on home. Belle slept through the hayride but woke up on our way home. We passed the causeway right at midnight and got to see all the pretty fireworks. It really was a wonderful New Year's Eve and couldn't have asked for a better time! It was a 100 times better then getting all dressed up and going to a party! I'd much rather be in my jeans with my boots!

The food spread!

Let's see if Mel reads my blog and makes me take this off! I think it is a great picture of her and Warren!

Loving some fireworks!

Can you see her running on the right side of the picture? Hilarious!

Daddy helping her shoot fireworks!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's 2010

What a year 2009 has been! One I don't ever want to relive ever again! I saw where several people had written on facebook for 2009 to not let it get hit on the butt on the way out the door! I agree! I am looking forward to 2010 and what the Lord has in store for our family especially whether we are to have another child or not. I feel pretty strongly we are going to have another child but I desire for that to be God's plan also. I also desire for the baby to be healthy!

So I do have a few resolutions that I plan to work on this year!

1. Get Healthy! Which means lose this weight that I have put on in the last year with two pregnancies! But not only lose weight but be healthy. Eat healthier and start running again. I thoroughly enjoy running. It helps me clear my head and makes me feel so much better about myself.

2. A mutual resolution of Darren and I is to live off of one salary. We plan to put Darren's salary completely into savings. We have also made some attempts to help us tax wise. I joined the flex plan(cafeteria) the other day which I hope helps!

3. Get this house ready to sale hopefully in a year and a half. This is probably more my goal then Darren's. I feel like the walls are closing in on me at times!

4. Work on this blog more!

I hope I can do all this! These are definitely some goals I hope I can achieve!
I'll post pictures from last night as soon as I find my new camera!
Happy New Year to everyone!

Christmas Day 2009 part 2

After we played with our toys for a while, we got ready to hit the road! Darren had gotten off at 7am so he headed to bed while Belle and I headed to Hattiesburg to see my dad. This wasn't something I really wanted to do but it was the right thing to do. I had spoken to his counselor a week or so ago and she thought it would be a good idea especially bringing Isabella. Al and Andrew went down there the Wednesday before and Al seemed to think him seeing Andrew really helped. It was also a little convenient since we had to be in Magee by 3pm.
The visit with my dad went really well. You could tell he was glad to see Isabella. I had asked him to try to find a place open in Hattiesburg to eat but everything was closed. We had a nice traditional lunch there at the rehab with the three of us! Isabella then opened Pawpaw's presents we had given him! She is a pro by now!

There is no doubt that we are all three Kimbrells! 3 generations!

We then headed to Magee for Christmas with the Purser's. Mimi had made shrimp soup and gumbo. They were both YUMMY and she always makes enough for us to take home! We had a great time visiting with everyone and laughing. I have wonderful in laws and AWESOME nieces! They are so much fun and keep me laughing!

Megan, Belle, and Uncle Doug

My heart, Morgan. There is nothing I wouldn't do for this young lady. I hope and pray she reaches her hopes and dreams. She absolutely deserves it!

5 generations of Pursers. Paul (Darren's dad), Mamaw Minnie, Doug (Darren's brother), Megan (niece), and Nathaniel (Megan's new little boy)

Belle, Anna Grace, and Nathaniel

Christmas Day 2009

Our Christmas this year was so bittersweet. It hurts so bad that our little boy wasn't here to celebrate with us. I am so thankful to God that he gave us Isabella and she made Christmas bearable this year. The joy of having her is unbelievable. This year was even better then last as far as Isabella and her antics. Leading up to the big day brought daily little stories.
We started off Thanksgiving day with bringing out our Elf of the Shelf for the first time. She named him Thomas and he seemed to help with the behavior issues. The hardest part was remembering to hide him in a different spot every night. I would usually do it right after she went to bed so I wouldn't forget! One night I did as usual but she got back up around 930. She was awake enough to realize Thomas had already been to see Santa and had moved to a new spot! HA!
The best story of the season was the Saturday before Christmas. Darren was hunting and I had sat down in the living room to watch TV for a moment. Belle was in her room playing and after about 30mins came to the side of the chair naked. She also smelled really good. I knew immediately she had been into something. As we walked into her room, all of my Christmas presents from Darren were all over her floor. I realized he had either hidden them in her closet or under her bed. (come to found out they were under my bed) Now my child NEVER plays in her room but she sure did that day and got into everything. I got some Marc Jacobs "Lola" perfume, my everyday salt and pepper shakers that my husband had broken, and an Ann Taylor gift card. It was hilarious! The other funny part was that when Darren got home from hunting I told him. He just smiled and said, "Well, if you didn't hide Santa in my hunting closet, I would have somewhere to hide your presents!" HA! On Christmas morning when I opened my presents there were 2 extra that I didn't know what they were! The first one was the empty camera box I had just bought because we HAD to have a new one before Christmas day! The second unknown Christmas present was the 4pc toaster my mama had given me for my birthday that I hadn't taken out of the box! My husband thought he was so funny and HE WAS! We both had a good laugh!
Christmas morning was absolutely precious! It was so sweet to watch Belle walk in and see everything she had gotten from Santa. Yes, I tried to videotape it but me and my technically challenged self messed it up which is fine. I did get some sweet pictures and watching Darren and Belle play with everything was priceless especially the pictures to follow. I will always cherish them!

Snow White!


Can we say this is one good daddy or what!

A Powell Kind of Christmas

Well, this wasn't a "planned" Christmas get together. A few little folks complained here and there that they weren't going to see the "little" people in our lives on Christmas day and just wouldn't make it if they didn't. Plus my Uncle Jack had made the two older ones a present that he wanted to give them. They were so excited! He had carved them each a barnyard of wood with a pig, horse, cow, etc. It really took a lot of time and effort! It was a very thoughtful gift that they will always have.

So my mama and I talked and come up with this Christmas eve lunch get together. It was a good little get together! Of course, the complaining ones were extremely happy to see the little ones and Christmas could continue on.

Sweet Lauren. What makes her even sweeter is she was wearing one of Belle's jumpers that she had when she was that age! So sweet! I love that!

Amanda, Andrew, and Lauren

Isabella opening Granddaddy's present that she gave him!

Another Marme/grandchildren moment of reading a book. Can we say she was an English teacher!

What would a family get together be like without Uncle Al wrestling and riding a truckload of children around on his back?!?!?! They LOVE it!