Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 22, 2009

This was a hard day. It marked 6 months since we lost Sullivan. I cried everyday that week. I have been doing so well but now with it being the holidays my heart hurt really bad. Also as a mother who has lost a child, my arms ached. I know that might sound funny but your heart and arms literally hurt. Although the day was hard we ended it very well.
I left work a little early and Darren got Belle so we headed off to Mugshots with the Williamson's. A friend of mine, Robin joked that evening that we spend more time with them then anything. I agree and I commented back that they live the furthest away. It was great though that they got to come to town, have supper with us, and then go to the MSU basketball game. I wish we could have sat with them but I didn't get our tickets in time to have great seats. I did get seats though with my brothers, their wives, and children. It was Al's great idea to get 5 seats together and then 3 behind them so the kids could move around a bit more! It worked perfectly although they had a tendency to want to go back in forth. Andrew and Belle LOVE to play with each other and had a blast!

Rosemary's first MSU event! I am sure there will be more to come through the years!

Lauren and Amanda

Darren and I

Al and Andrew who was eating a hotdog.

Isabella and Andrew

A Lane Kind of Christmas

This is the year we spend Christmas with our in laws and not our parents but it just happened to be that Brent and Bregitte were coming into town. Yes, they don't seem to roll with the plans but we try to work around them. So, we finally got it together to have "our" Christmas on the 21st in the evening. The only day we could get 10 adults and 5 grandchildren together! It was great to just have "us" all together though. It doesn't happen a lot but now that Brent and Bregitte are in North Carolina and not Alaska hopefully it will happen a lot more. We like it that way! I would LOVE for everyone to live here and we could get together all the time!

We decided on a little nontraditional meal since everyone would be eating turkey, dressing, etc later on in the week! Chili, artichoke dip, spinach dip, white rotel, pork tenderloin with rolls, and best of all, Chocolate trifle! It seems to be everyone's new favorite dessert that we are all asking her to make every time we are together!

This is the process we do in order to get a grandchildren shot of 5 kids under 4! You start with the big ones and go down!

Sweet! Except for mine acting up! Aunt Kati got them shirts with their names on them! Mine has a princess castle on hers. Imagine that!

Al and Amanda

Josh and Kati

Brent and Bregitte

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isabella!

I started planning Belle's 3rd birthday party MONTHS ago. Probably right after I found out I was pregnant with Sullivan and realized I would have a baby right before her birthday. I figured I would plan something easy and where I wouldn't have to do a whole lot of anything. Well, my WHOLE plan backfired on me but it all worked out in the long run. I had heard wonderful things about the Playplace in Ridgeland but I do believe since it changed hands, things just aren't the same and I can vouch for that! Bottom line though the kids had a WONDERFUL time and Isabella LOVED it which is all that matters. I also bit my words this year when I said I would never do a character themed birthday. Well, it happens to be that my child is in love with ELMO and insisted that she have an ELMO party. Well, her wishes were granted and it turned out pretty CUTE!

It only took me about 15 shots to get this sweet face but it sure turned out cute! A friend of mine's DIL did the invite and I thought she did a great job! My sister helped with the wording!

Sweet Taylor and Isabella! They play really well together!

She was so excited about the CARS movie! Aunt Kati, Uncle Josh, and Marion did good!

I can't say enough about the cake and you should have seen the cupcakes that she took to school! This is the 2nd year I have used Suzanne Barnett and I LOVE HER!
I can't say enough good things about her!

All her friends!

Thanksgiving 2009

This was the year we spent Thanksgiving at my mama's house. Everyone was there but Brent, Bregitte, and Rosemary. We also got the kids matching outfits, well, the girls. They looked adorable and were so sweet!

This is a typical picture of Marme with grandchildren in her lap. They ALWAYS get read to and I bet I have a picture of this pose on every holiday! Priceless!

This is probably the better one out of all of them. It is the only one where my child doesn't have her panies showing!

Yea, Marion had enough so she decided to show us her red panies! They sure are cute!

This is a holiday tradition where Belle puts Marion in a choke hold. What can I say my child is passionate about the way she shows her love!

I am not very fond of this picture. I was feeling rather fat and ugly this day!


Yes, I know I am behind. Very behind. It is much easier to read everyone else's blog and not write yours but something I am going to work on. It is also very difficult when you start writing a new post, save it, and then come back later and it is no where to be found. That has happened about 5 times with this post. Gets a little old.

So, here is our Halloween 2009. Isabella has been in LOVE with Mary Poppins lately so my mama and I got together and put her costume together. It was neat because that wasn't another Mary Poppins around plus she was happy! Of course the sad part was some people didn't know who she was. We grew up watching the classics and I am doing the same thing with Isabella! Right now she is watching The Sound of Music! She loves all the singing!

We started the day off baking spider cupcakes at Mel's with the kids and orange brownies. Later that evening we all headed to Michael and Shelley's house for some good ole Ranking county fun. As you can tell from the pictures, Michael hitched the 4 wheeler to the trailer and pulled us around the neighborhood. The kids had a blast. We didn't do many houses but the ones we did were a lot of fun. After this we headed back to the house to watch MSU beat Kentucky. It was a great way to end the evening. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if Darren was off work. Some of my famous words!