Monday, September 14, 2009

Football Season 2009

Football season is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely LOVE the MSU Bulldogs and going to home games. Last Saturday was just the beginning. This year we have season tickets with one of my college friends, Daphne and her family. Darren had to work so Belle and I headed to Starkville by ourselves. Armed with a pacifier and Mary Poppins on DVD, we made it there calmly and quietly.
We had a WONDERFUL time. It was so good to feel "normal" again and do the things I love to do. The entire day took my mind off of all we had been through lately and to just enjoy myself. Belle seemed to have a great time playing with Daphne's kids and she was a doll the whole day. It makes my heart so proud to see our kids cheering for the Bulldogs. It is a tradition I am proudly passing onto her!!! Even stuffing the cowbells in their outfits before going through the gate is something we will always remember! AND they will too!

In all my years, my first "DAWG" walk! It was great!

Our four little bulldogs! Hope they grow up to be BIG bulldogs!

Daphne, Trey, Savannah, Jack, and Julia

Nice and pretty before the rain started.

My wet but proud little bulldog. Still got her cowbell!