Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yes, I know I am behind but it is okay. I am determined to get caught up....slowly but surely. We all had a wonderful Easter! The weekend before I took Belle to the parent's church Easter egg hunt! She still has a long way to go about the whole concept but she was better then last year. We then went to my parent's church on Easter morning. It was great to fellowship with friends and family. I let Belle go to Children's church since Marme was doing it so as soon as she left, I held Marion on my lap. Well, attempted too! She is a busy girl just like her cousin, Belle! But I loved every minute of it! My sister doesn't know it but if she lived here, I would keep her all the time! It is just like having another Isabella! I would have 2 busy girls instead of one! We then went to the parent's house to eat and visit. As you can see from the pictures below, we had a time getting 4 grandchildren to sit still! It was good while it lasted!

4 Generations: Marme, Nana, Isabella, and I

Dying Easter eggs! She LOVED it!

Happy Easter, Isabella!

This is what Isabella's new sibling has got to look forward too! She really thinks she is being sweet but is a little too firm with little ones! We are working on it though!

Just about the best one we took! My sister's blog shows them so much better! Right afterwards, Andrew tried to kiss Belle who then started crying which made Marion cry then made Lauren cry. Of course, the boy was the only one NOT crying!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So, what'cha been up to Miss Isabella?

So, this started off our Saturday night. Caught her in our bathroom with a cream (which will remain anonymous) that she had spread all on her legs. She then had a covered throw away razor that she was pretending to shave her legs with. It also looks like she was trying to eat the cream with the looks of it around her mouth.

This was our Sunday afternoon. Last weekend I bought a bouquet of flowers at Walmart that I made into smaller arrangements and put throughout the house. Needless to say this WAS the one on the table. It is now in the garbage.

This is after I tore her bottom up for tearing up my flowers. As you can see from the front of her shirt, the water from the vase is all down the front of her.

And here we are at Sunday night. She hates to put her PJ's on, so I was letting her run around in a diaper. Have I mentioned from the time I took her to her room to get her diaper and PJ's, took the towel back to the bathroom (2 seconds) she peed in her room on the carpet. No, I didn't take a picture of that. But I did get this one. She was dancing and Kenny Chesney is in the background singing at the Country Music awards. It was cute to watch her dance and sing. I guess that made all this other stuff better.

She is my handful and definitely my payback. But I wouldn't have it any other way!