Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These are pictures of my grandparents house. This past Friday afternoon we got a call that there was a house burning at the corner of Springridge and Big Creak. Although there is only one other house right there, we weren't sure if it was theirs or not. Not 10 minutes later, Al called to say it was their house and they were okay. Both of my grandparents and my uncle that live with them were there and got out safely. Praise the Lord!
We are so very thankful they are okay. Many of you know my Nana is my heart. Isabella is her namesake and I couldn't imagine my life without her. I am so blessed to have her still with me and for her to watch little Isabella grow up. The sad thing. The majority of everything in that house was from England. China, crystal, sterling silver, antiques shipped from England 60 years ago when my grandmother came over from England. All of it gone. When I got married, I picked her same crystal pattern because one day I knew I would inherit it. I was also getting ready to buy a bedroom suite from her for Isabella to grow up with. It absolutely breaks my heart to not only have this stuff but not have Isabella see our family's heritage. Of course, every single time I think of these worldly things the Lord reminds me I still have my grandparents because this could have been more devastating. We very easily could have lost them.
Please pray for them. At 87 and 83, this was their home of 40 plus years with 60 plus years of life in it. Everyday the plans change of what they will do. They are at my mama's house now who is doing a WONDERFUL job of dealing with them. She is so much stronger then I am and handles them very well. They both aren't very easy going. Please pray for her also. They all need strength plus to know the Lord's will for them.

This is the view from the back door of the house looking into the living room.

This is my Nana's room. Of all the rooms, her's had the least damage. We were able to find a few family heirlooms. You can see her chair that was Mama Maye's. When I lost her I gave it to Nana to use. Now it is gone.

From the outside into Nana's room that was her closet.

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Jeanelle said...

Oh Amanda, those pictures bring tears to my eyes. I'm so so sorry that your grandparents are dealing with this. It's so heartbreaking.

Our fire was nowhere near this devastating, but if ya'll need anyone to talk to, who's been through the whole insurance process, or who's just been through being displaced by a fire, feel free to call me.

We'll be praying for them and ya'll.