Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And then there were six........

Yes, it is officially, we are having another baby and it isn't the four legged kind. We have known for several weeks now but after two miscarriages we wanted to wait until we saw a heartbeat and saw Dr. Etheridge before we said anything. We are so absolutely excited!!! A little nervous but excited. I am 9 weeks!!!
I was emailing a good friend the other day who had asked how I was feeling. I felt fine with Isabella and expected to feel this same this time. I think this time around things are different though. I know this might sound funny to you but I feel old. Yes, old. I guess you could say I am tired but I call it old. I know I am not "old" but if this is what it feels like, then I am. Along with some nausea, upset stomach, ha.......ugh!!!! Not fun!
We are really excited though! Isabella points to her belly and says "baby"! So sweet! When you ask her if she wants a sister or brother, she does say "Sisa". Whether it is a boy or girl, Isabella will definitely want to be in charge of her!!!
Can't wait to keep everyone updated!!!!

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The Lane's said...

We are praying for you all and are so happy for you!