Friday, February 20, 2009

On your mark, get set, Go!!! Part 1

I have been working on this blog entry all week. I have so many pictures from Daytona and I only know how to download five at a time so I am going to do this in sections.
First of all, let me say we had a wonderful time! It was definitely worth it and we will more then likely do it again. We left Saturday morning and drove all day. Darren drove the majority of the time so I tended to Isabella. She did real good in my opinion. Thank the good Lord for a DVD player and Jon and Kate plus 8. She thinks "the babies" are the best!
We stopped in Saint Augustine which is 45 minutes from Daytona and stayed with my cousin, Alecia. She is young and single and one of the big "pushers" to come down there. She bugged the mess out of Darren at Christmas and then once he said he wanted to go to Daytona, she bugged me! Once we got there we went out to eat with a WONDERFUL friend of mine from Jackson who has lived in St Augustine for 3 yrs. She is absolutely precious and a wonderful friend! She ended up finding us a place for us all to eat on Valentine's day which was great! We all had good food, good band, and a great visit. The next morning Darren and I got up and left for Daytona. Alecia kept Isabella for us for the day so we could go to the race by ourselves. Alecia was excited to have Isabella to herself and then her parents (my aunt and uncle) can that afternoon and took Isabella exploring.

Prissy britches was packed and ready to go the night before!

Sue Lee (Wong), Isabella, and I
It is really Susan Lee but somewhere along the way it go shortened to Sue Lee. Now her new friends in FL call her Sue Lee Wong and she isn't Asian!

Darren and I outside of the stadium. This sweet couple from Quebec took this picture for us!

I didn't know Keith Urban was going to be there! Pretty cool!

The numbers on the pole! Darren had to explain it to me!

Monday, February 2, 2009

And then there were five......

So, now there are five of us in one little house. No, we don't have another baby....YET, but a dog. I can't believe we have done this. I got an email from my sister in law last Monday about this dog. Not only is she a German Shorthair Pointer, she looks just like our old dog, Haze and her name is Belle. My sister in law seemed to think it was destiny that we get her. It has been two years this week that we lost Haze and I thought Darren might be ready. Well, long story short he thought I wanted her and I thought he wanted her. HA! We obviously need to communicate a bit better. We knew we wanted Isabella to have one because we love GSP's so much but I would much rather have a baby then a dog. So, here we are with an 8 month old German Shorthair Pointer named Belle. She is going to take some work but she is sweet! Isabella thinks she is hilarious and wants to see her puppy! Poor thing, we say "Belle" and she turns to look at us. Needless, to say the dog's name might have to be changed or we are going to have to start saying "Isabella" all the time.
Here are just a few pictures!

These first two are with her mama, June. These are the ones we saw when they offered her to us.

Scoping out Isabella's room

Outside in the backyard with Chloe.