Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have to brag!!!!

I am sure I have shared that my baby brother, Brent and his new bride, Bregitte are expecting in June. This is the couple who were married August 30th when we went to Alaska. After 10 weeks of marriage they found out they were 8 weeks pregnant! So now they are 19wks along and have decided so far NOT to find out what they are having. More power to them! I couldn't do it but they are going to do their best to wait until the baby is born. The pictures and message below are an email from Brent! We can't wait to see this beautiful new baby. (I think it is a boy and some of the family agree!!)

At a little over 19 weeks, here's the ultrasound. Ultra being the operative word, you have to have ultra eyesight to figure out what you're seeing, and ultra imagination to agree with the doctor, but in these two pictures, it should be pretty apparent. I'm sure that some of you will think the baby (and we are going to try to remain oblivious to its gender) is sucking its thumb, and that's what we thought at first too. Upon close inspection, you can clearly see that it is practicing a double-haul fly cast, trying to gain an early advantage on the trout. The true sign of a fisherman (or woman). At the very least, the baby is performing the FSU tomahawk chop, but it is definitely NOT, repeat, NOT sucking its thumb.

If you know my family, you know all the men and Bregitte are obsessed with fly fishing and Doug and Brent are obsessed with the Seminoles!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My heart is so heavy......

Yesterday morning when I got to work I read on Magdalena's blog that she had gone to be with Jesus that morning. I literally just sat there all day dumbfounded. This precious little girl in the last several months has not only made an impact on my life but so many others. My peace with this situation comes from the fact I know she is with Jesus right now and is perfectly formed. No clenched fists, no clubbed feet, and her heart is perfect. If you have not been following her blog, go to and read it. They are a precious family who really love the Lord but need a lot of strength and prayer right now. Please pray for them! And Julie has asked that everyone where pink tomorrow in celebration of Magdalena's precious life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmas......a little late!

I am so sorry! I don't know what else to say. Bottom line is I am lazy. Flat out lazy. I read all my family and friend's blogs everyday but don't care to write my own. I am seriously going to do better though.
I will swing on back to Christmas though so we can keep moving forward.
We spent Christmas day with my family this year! It was great! It was also great Christmas morning watching Isabella see all her presents. Darren let her walk into the living room and all you heard was, "aaahhh.....ahhhh....aahhhh..." and it kept getting louder the more she saw. Of course, she did have a pacifier in her mouth but it was really sweet.

We then headed to my parent's house where we had a great time, other then the fact it was the fastest Christmas we have ever had. Some family members felt the need to leave Christmas day to go to Arkansas so more then half of them were ready to get on the road! I won't get into that though b/c I know they read this blog! Let's get say it won't happen again if I am going to be there!
Anyway, after we ate and opened presents it was really nice to just go home and relax. Darren had to go into work at 7 that evening so he was trying to get some rest and Isabella was taking a nap so finally some peace and quiet.

Half of the living room with half of the family!

Aunt Kati, Isabella, Cousin Alecia, and Marion

You know when these two get together it is going to be something! Isabella said she was going to go "night, night" so Andrew covered her with the pillows and then jumped on her!
Overall, it was great to have our family together and get to see our new little niece. She is an absolute doll and I can't wait to see her again.

The cutest thing!! Love her!!