Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Sorry, I am late on posting our Christmas events. We have not had phone nor internet service for almost a week now. I literally was looking up Comcast's number today to see what deal they could offer me if At&t didn't correct the problem today. Thank goodness the man that fixed it today, we know! He used to be our neighbor and told me to keep his cell phone number in case we had any more problems! Now that is service! I do say though I sure got a lot done without the computer!

I am going to do this in segments b/c there is just so much to share. I got into the Christmas spirit this year but probably more different then I ever have. It really hit me this year what Christmas is all about. I have grown up hearing about Jesus all my life but this year it really seemed to matter more. I did put up a tree and a few decorations in the house but none outside. That was okay though, I will get to it next year. I really wanted to focus on Jesus and his birth and start showing Isabella the reason. I also wanted to focus on my family. I really am blessed! They all mean so much to me! Even my in laws!

They saved me Christmas Eve night when I had a flat tire, locked the keys in the car, and ended up having to call the Magee police to get it open. My BIL and FIL were so sweet about it and really took care of it. An hour and a half later we get to sit down to a wonderful dinner of shrimp soup my MIL made. It is our tradition every other year and she does a wonderful job! We then got to open presents which Isabella thoroughly enjoyed! She really knows how to open them now, even if they aren't hers! We then headed back to Brandon, in the dark, with a spare tire, in the rain, with a 2 yr going 40 mph! God really protected us!!!

Isabella and Sophie. She doesn't really think that much of the dog!

Mimi(Darren's mom) Thanks goodness she doesn't read this! She would kill me for posting it!

Papaw(Darren's dad) and Morgan(middle niece)

Megan(oldest niece) and Isabella. Megan got a printer for her computer and Isabella thought she would carry it for her!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let me give a shout out!

I am way behind on doing this! I should have done it back around Isabella's birthday but couldn't quite get to it!

Isabella's birthday parties went really well. We, of course, could not have done it with out wonderful cakes! I tried someone new this year and I was very impressed! Suzanne @ Cakes by Suzanne did an absolutely wonderful job! Not only was the cake good but precious! Thank you, Suzanne! It was nice to meet you plus I enjoyed visiting with you! It is a small world! I would highly recommend her!

Also, we can't forget the photographer for our 2 year portraits and Christmas cards. This is probably one of my biggest stresses of the year. I dread trying to set a date for Christmas cards and trying to find Isabella something to wear! For five years now we have used the same photographer but this year they cancelled on us. (long story) So, I hunted until I found someone else. Thank goodness for my dear friend, Amy Mardis. She recommend Jeanelle Caraway who did a fabulous job! I told her up front this stresses me out. I feel like I have to try to make my child smile plus sweet talk my husband to take a family picture! Well, she did a wonderful job and was very patient with my daughter. PLUS she did our family portraits in no time so someone could get back to the woods. If you got our Christmas card you can tell she did a great job! Again, someone I would highly recommend! Thank you Jeanelle and Amy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008 are it!!!!!!!!

I have been tagged by Daphne. I have to:

1. Choose the 4th picture folder on my computer
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4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

My 4th picture is from Lani's graduation party at her parent's house. This was the desert table. There were awesome petit fours, banana pudding, chocolate chip cookie cake, and the tub is what we had some of the drinks in.
Lani, as many of you have read about in my past posts, is Mel's step-daughter who recently got married. Melanie threw a huge surprise party for Lani which she was really surprised about. I actually think I even blogged about the party. We had so much fun!
By the way, Lani seems to be doing well with married life in North Carolina. Ryan got her a German Shepard puppy and she is so excited about that. They will be home for Christmas and we can't wait to see her!!!

Since Daphne has already tagged Robin, I will tag.
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