Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time passes by.....

I have been meaning to post now for the last day or so but life just gets in my way. We had a great weekend home with Darren! You know not too many of those left with gun season just around the corner. But we are going to be quite alright. The Hunting Widow Club has already reconvened and we are up in full swing. Every weekend is planned I do believe from now to Christmas.
Back to the weekend though.....started off with a wonderful Friday afternoon of Mistletoe. I have no idea why I was so much more excited this year. It was great though. I took the afternoon off at work and meet Mel there. I did get one purchase I am really proud of. We had our pumpkin left over from Halloween so I bought the pieces to make him a turkey! Isn't he cute? I love him!

Of course, I really LOVE the other little turkey in the picture!

Don't you love my attempt at trying to decorate my table? I sure wish I was creative!!!

We mainly bought for ourselves though because we never do but I did pick up a little Christmas gift here and there. We had so much fun though!

Saturday we just hung around the house, went to Walmart, ran a few errands and took it easy! Sunday was our usual routine of church, eating at Ryan's(these folks know us by name), napping, me running to the mall during nap time, and then hanging with Mel and the boys in the afternoon. Mel took some senior portraits for a friend of hers and I pulled the kids in the wagon around the lake. They loved it! They more loved the fact they were playing outside more then anything.

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