Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Oh, my sweet baby turns two today. I can't believe it. When everyone tells you it goes by fast, it really does. It really does seem like yesterday she was born and I actually remember it like yesterday. Such a good story but I won't share it all.

I went in to see Dr. Etheridge a day early due to contractions. I was due Dec 5th and was only dilated a 1 or 2 cm at this point. While at the appointment, I reminded Dr. Etheridge that we were going to do an ultrasound to get an estimate on her weight since I was so small. The sonographer estimated her at 8lbs 8oz! My first thought and concern was she wasn't going to have anything to wear. You know at lot of clothes after newborn start at 8lbs. So, out the door we headed and Tiffany, his nurse, stopped me and told me he needed to talk to me. Why? I am fine! Long story short....he didn't recommend me getting any bigger. In other words, we need to induce. He told me straight up he didn't think I would deliver her and I would likely have a section but he knew I wanted to give it a try. We left the appointment and tried to get things settled. My first call was to my mama and MIL when I proceeded to ball my eyes out b/c Isabella wasn't going to have any clothes because she was so big. They both reassured me it was going to be okay and she wouldn't be left cold. I will stop right there with the story and say that my MIL and SIL went out that afternoon and bought her a bundle of clothes. It was so very sweet of them and immediately put me at ease. One less worry! (forget I am having a baby, she needs clothes!)
So onto my sweet husband being the great man he is had scoped out the nurses in Labor and Delivery. He had us all set up. We were due to go in around 5pm but they called at 430 asking us to come in around 8 or so. That was fine with us, we still weren't ready then when we got there there was still no room in the inn so we sat in at the nurses station waiting. (good thing Darren knew all these women) We finally got settled and went onto bed to get some rest for the next day. The next morning we were ready or so I thought I was. I had been through so many labors with friends I knew I could do this. They all sat in their rooms talking and visiting all day long in labor, I had plans to do the same thing. HA! After 3 hours of pitocin, I wasn't having any more of it. There was no way I could go on like that. So much for visiting, I couldn't even talk. I finally told our great nurse, to call Dr. Etheridge and do the section during his lunch break AND TURN OFF THE PITOCIN. She said she would call him but couldn't turn it off. I very nicely told her I knew how to work the IV pump and if she didn't, I would. She did. It all worked out though and God really knew what he was doing. Isabella was born at 1:19 pm weighing 8lbs 4ozs and came out face side up. Needless, to say if I had tried to deliver her myself, it wouldn't have been very pretty in the long run. God knew exactly what he was doing. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank him for blessing us with such a precious little girl. I can say though she is my child and there are multiple ways she is just like her mama. Loud, bossy, nosey but then so sweet sometimes it melts your heart(that's not me).
So, Lord, thank you for our precious little girl. She is the absolute JOYE of our lives and really couldn't imagine life without her today. Thank you!

Mama and Daddy before the big day!

One proud daddy!

She looked like an angel going home in the white dress Marme bought her and the blanket Nana made for her.

One year old!

Happy Birthday, Isabella! We love you!
(standing beside the kitchen Mimi gave her. Thanks, Mrs. Robin for finding the cute outfit for us!)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Many, Many, Thanks!!!

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was the Purser's turn so we headed down to Magee but not before picking up PawPaw(my dad) and a turkey. I always get a turkey from a young couple with 5 girls who does it on the side to pick up some extra cash. (with 5 girls, they need it!) The turkey and all the food was great! My mother in law does a great job with it all! She is a fabulous cook!
Here are a few pictures from the day!

Daddy and Isabella!

So, my MIL is a great cook but not so great picture taker! Yes, we planned the orange thing. We dress around our child! HA!

Playing out back!

Cousin Anna Grace and Isabella

This is Papaw's motorcycle. She thought it was the 4 wheeler and tried to crank it. Yes, she knows how to crank the 4 wheeler! I will let you guess who does that with her!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One last go at it!

YEAH! MSU won! We were so excited! It was close but we pulled it through. Our last home game for this season. Kinda sad! We had a great time though and the win was a great anniversary present for Al and Amanda. They celebrated 5 years on Saturday! They are great Bulldog fans...even said it was a great present!!!

Isabella and I. She was so good during the game.

This was Andrew the entire game!!

Happy Anniversary, Al and Amanda!

The new screen! It was really cool!

Andrew and Isabella in the trunk of the car. After the game, Amanda had to pump so Al and I kept the kids occupied by putting them in the trunk. Probably not a good idea but at the time it was and they thought it was hilarious!! Sweet babies!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Check up!!!

Darren took Isabella to her 2 yr old checkup this morning. I hated I couldn't go but I had patients. I knew everything was going to be fine and figured Darren could handle it. I only asked for one piece of information! I wanted to know her height and weight and what she was on the percentages.....mainly her height. Her weight was great at 27.8 which is in the 50% but her height is only in the 10-15%....which I know everyone is not surprised at but I worry. I do not want my little girl to be as short as I am. I just started crying on the phone when Darren told me. It breaks my heart to see her start heading down on the growth chart. About 20 + years ago my mama took me to Dr. Freeman to talk about growth hormones b/c I wasn't even on the growth chart...way below it! At that time no one knew much about them so she opted not to do them. I regret to this day that she didn't. I have always said if one of my children is going to be short in statue like me I would do growth hormones. Well, I am going to give it another year or so! Please don't get me wrong I will love her what no matter what but I have no desire for her to go through what I went through being small. We all want to protect our children and hope for the very best for them. I hope whoever reads this understands where I am coming from. I just needed to vent to someone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just another manic Monday....

Well, we all know how Mondays go in all of our lives. This is how ours started out!

So, I take the blame for both of these. I left the lotion on the bedside table and my child LOVES lotion! Lotion on her face, hands, and hair!! As soon as I saw her, I walked to the back of the house to get my camera. I never even said a word to her. I just knew I had to capture this. When I came back not 30seconds later she was screaming bloody murder. I guess by me walking off was enough punishment. I really felt sorry for her! (almost)

Not 15 mins later........

Yes, I guess I am to blame for this one to. I probably only put 20 Twix cereal balls in the bag. I watched her sit on the floor, thinking, "Oh, she is going to sit right there and eat them!" HA! She poured them on the floor. To top it off, the dog wouldn't eat them!!! Isn't that why you have a dog when you have a toddler??!?!?!?! Needless to say, at 715 am right when we are trying to get out the door, I am sweeping up Twix cereal!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time passes by.....

I have been meaning to post now for the last day or so but life just gets in my way. We had a great weekend home with Darren! You know not too many of those left with gun season just around the corner. But we are going to be quite alright. The Hunting Widow Club has already reconvened and we are up in full swing. Every weekend is planned I do believe from now to Christmas.
Back to the weekend though.....started off with a wonderful Friday afternoon of Mistletoe. I have no idea why I was so much more excited this year. It was great though. I took the afternoon off at work and meet Mel there. I did get one purchase I am really proud of. We had our pumpkin left over from Halloween so I bought the pieces to make him a turkey! Isn't he cute? I love him!

Of course, I really LOVE the other little turkey in the picture!

Don't you love my attempt at trying to decorate my table? I sure wish I was creative!!!

We mainly bought for ourselves though because we never do but I did pick up a little Christmas gift here and there. We had so much fun though!

Saturday we just hung around the house, went to Walmart, ran a few errands and took it easy! Sunday was our usual routine of church, eating at Ryan's(these folks know us by name), napping, me running to the mall during nap time, and then hanging with Mel and the boys in the afternoon. Mel took some senior portraits for a friend of hers and I pulled the kids in the wagon around the lake. They loved it! They more loved the fact they were playing outside more then anything.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Our babysitter sent me this in an email. I am going to add Sarah Palin in. We know she is a Christian wife and mother who also needs our prayers. Please pray with me today.

Let us pray....
Father, in the name of Jesus, we come to you right now asking
for a miracle in this election. Lord, we lift up to you
right now Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. Lord, we ask that you would
just wrap your arms around them at this critical hour. Father
God, we ask for miracle upon miracle in this election. We
know that only you can turn the tide of evil in this
election. Father, as we await the results of the
election, we ask in complete faith that you would allow the
truth to be known across this land. Lord, we ask for
forgiveness for putting you last.....father, heal our land,
heal our homes, allow us to have another chance to love you
the way you should be loved. Lord, we ask specifically for
John McCain's and Sarah Palin's health, wisdom, words, actions
and campaign staff. Lord, we lift them up to you now.
Father, we also specifically ask for the voters in many
states who are battleground states. Lord, please convict the
hearts of voters in Florida , Pennsylvania , Indiana , Ohio ,
Missouri, North Dakota , Virginia , Nevada and Colorado . Father we
beg for every electoral vote. Lord, we lift all of our needs
up to you now. In the name of Jesus we claim victory in your
name. Lord, we pray for your will to be done in a mighty
way.....we know that this election can and will glorify you!!!
Father, place the man you would have to lead our country
in a Christian way today. We love you, Lord. We
await your holy miracles..... Amen.