Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

You know I really don't get into this holiday. I have probably only gotten into more of it this year b/c Isabella has gotten older. We did the same thing this year as we did last year although we did carve a pumpkin this year!
We aren't trick or treating tonight nor did we last night.

Several reasons....
1. This isn't a day I celebrate. I remember being in high school and people making fun of me because they said I called it the "Devil's Holiday". Now to clear things up after 14 years. I NEVER said that but it is a day I just don't care for. I don't mind going to the church's fall festival and letting Isabella dress up but that is it.
2. We were at the pediatrician 8am on Monday with bronchilitis. This night air we are having is just making her cough more.
3. I might have let her go around the cul da sac on our street trick or treating but Darren had to go back to work tonight. It just isn't fun without him.
4. Isabella has NO clue what is going on!!! I have years ahead of me regarding this. I would rather wait.

So, to sum all that up. We went to my parent's church Wednesday night for their festival. We went last year and we are just going to make it a tradition. Isabella was dressed as a pumpkin fairy and thought since we went to Marme's church she just needed to play in the nursery. Andrew and her both just wanted to play in there the whole time. I asked Darren why we even drove 35mins to let her play in the church nursery. I will say this though she did like the big blow up jumping thing. She didn't understand though why she couldn't jump with the big kids and why she had to wait her turn. Overall, it was a pretty good time.

Here are a few pictures from the last several weeks!

Carving our pumpkin!

Notice how she is kissing me but got her eyes cut to her daddy taking the picture!

This is the Pumpkin Fairy and "Batman" or "Anu" whichever he decides on a given day!

My two Isabellas. This is my Nana whom Isabella is named for. Nana thinks Isabella hung the moon. Before little Isabella, Nana always asked about me or checked in on me. Now it is all about "her little girl."

The Pumpkin Fairy and Marme. The only picture where she had her "topping" on her head!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, here it is already the next weekend and I am just now posting from last weekend. Oh well!
I think I am going to try more on this blog to write about Isabella. I haven't been a good mama as far as writing stuff down when she does something whether good or bad. My friend Amy's idea to blog was so her girls could have something to read later on. I think that is great especially since I never write anything down. This way Isabella can go back and read this one day and laugh. Well, maybe not laugh, but you know what I mean.

Onto the weekend.........

Our sweet dear Lani, got married this past weekend. She is so precious to us and our family! I am definitely going to miss her! As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, Lani, is my best friend's step daughter. She turned 18 this past summer and in love with a young man who turned 20 last Thursday. He is a US Marine stationed in North Carolina and headed to Iraq in January. I have struggled with their intent to get married since they got engaged but supported her because I felt like no one else did. I think I need to rephrase that. I HELPED her with the wedding planning because I wanted her wedding day to be a wonderful day for her. I knew from the beginning she was going to go through with it so I might as well be there for her. I did the best I could to support her and counsel her when I could. I told her from the beginning marriage is hard work. It is not a easy thing and something you definitely have to work at. I did real well until the week of the wedding. It took all I could not to sit her down and tell her she didn't need to get married. Just wait!! What is the rush?!?!?! I really struggled the day of the wedding. I spoke with several people that day who encouraged me and reminded me that God is in control. Although I love Lani so much along with her family, God loves her more. He knows what he is doing. Lani and Ryan are going to go through some rough times, I'm sure but just like any other marriage.
Everytime I go to a wedding it reminds me of mine. Again, I LOVED my wedding day. Not only was it a wonderful day but I married a man whom I really do love. He is my best friend and I love him more then I did over four years ago. I pray Lani feels the very same way one day. I just want the best for her. She is so precious to me! All I can do is pray. I pray that God surrounds them with his love and lifts them up. Several people have told them to go straight to church when she joins him in North Carolina (which is today as a matter of fact.....she is on her way now). Finding a church is going to be the best thing they can do. I pray they do!! She is really going to need a church family when he leaves for Iraq in January. Please pray for them! I love them so much!

Here are a few pictures. She looked beautiful and told me she was very happy with the way the day went! I am so glad!!

Ryan, Lani, and the wedding party

The new Lewis Family

Mel and I(Mel was the hottest mom there!)

Lani and her daddy, Warren. Such a cute picture!

I love this picture! They are so cute! There is not a whole lot out there better looking then a Marine in his dress blues. Reminds me of Al in his uniform!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Last year Mel and I went to the Nichols Boyd Farm to pick out pumpkins and take pictures of the kids. We unfortunately did not know how it all worked so missed the hayride and didn't get any pumpkins so this year we were ready. We had told them they would be going on a hayride and getting to pick out a pumpkin. It really is a lot of fun and a great family atmosphere. They have several animals you can see on the hayride plus some around where you can take pictures. We had so much fun and the kids really enjoyed it. Mel, of course, is the photographer so I don't have the pictures she took but here are some of the ones I took with my camera.

Yes, I know. My daughter went to the pumpkin patch and on a hayride in a smocked dress. I don't care! It was cute and I wanted to get some cute pictures!

Wish she would have been smiling here.

I took this very same picture last year with the same precious smile! Hope I can do this every year!

The three amigos. Taylor and Noah's older brother, Brock, plays for NWR so they have jerseys to match their big brother's.

Mel, Taylor, and Noah

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh! How I love Starkville! Going up there for football games has got to be one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. I was telling Isabella yesterday how much I love it. Now Darren on the other hand could care less but there is just something about the atmosphere.

Yesterday we went to Starkville for MSU vs Vandy and we WON!!!! YEA! It was great to see State win and play pretty decent. We meet Al, Amanda, Andrew, and Amanda's brother, Scott up there for the game. We didn't tailgate...just too much trouble with everything else going on but we had a great time. Isabella did pretty well. Darren got down with her and walked around with her after half time and then I did the same in the 4th quarter. She just wanted to get down and run. Andrew on the other hand slept through almost the entire game. Not Isabella though. She knew she might have missed something! As you can see from the last picture though she was out of it before we even pulled out of the parking lot.

Such a sweet little girl! I still can't believe she smiled at the camera like this. She is catching onto the camera thing though. She learned this week to say, "cheese."

She didn't even flinch when the girl painted her face. I was a little surprised but she liked it!

Andrew and Isabella in their matching outfits. She was trying to ring the cowbell and I have no idea about his face in this picture. We are getting them started early!!!

Such a sweet little bulldog!

Out before we pulled out of the parking lot!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Not really anything exciting going on. Just busy with life. We went to Magee a few weekends ago to take pictures of the 4 granddaughters on Darren's side of the family. They turned out pretty cute. Mimi (Darren's mom) thinks she is getting them as a Christmas present. First of all, she somehow figured out we are all might have been the fact that we ate at her house for lunch and 3 out of 4 of them still had their pink shirts on. Why didn't I change Isabella's outfit? Oh well! We have something else up our sleeves for her though.

Last weekend I had a wedding shower and Isabella stayed with my mama since Darren was working. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before but one of my dearest friend's, Mel, her 18yr old step daughter is getting married. No, she is not pregnant.......just 18 and in love to a 18yr Marine who just got stationed in North Carolina and leaving for Iraq in Jan. Oh, how those words break my heart as I write them. They are getting married in a week and a half and then she will be gone with him up there. Makes me so sad!! Lani is so precious to me. She is one of the few people I completely trust Isabella with. I have been helping her with the wedding and I pray she has a wonderful day and it is the most wonderful day of her life. I can only hope and pray it is half as wonderful as mine was. I LOVED my wedding day!

Last night is over. YEA!!!! I am the Survivor Chair for Susan G. Komen here in our area and I put together a Breast Cancer Survivor Reception last night. Oh! The Lord is good!!!! It went absolutely wonderful! This was the very first time I put together something this big especially for 150 people! It went great though, and I am so glad it is over!!!

This weekend we are looking forward to going to Starkville. We have season tickets and haven't made it to a game yet! Can't wait! Go Dawgs!!!!I had a precious outfit made for Isabella and her cousins that go with us. I will have to post pictures after the weekend.