Thursday, May 15, 2008

Upcoming Events

It is only Thursday, and I am so excited about the upcoming weeks. Tonight Darren has to go back to work which is a bummer but Isabella and I have big plans for the weekend. (She just doesn't know it yet!) We are going to spend some quality time with our Marme (my mama) on Saturday. We used to get together a lot on the Saturdays Darren worked but lately we have been slacking. We plan to go to Walmart and return some things along with running to Florence to pick up some monogrammed burp cloths for Baby Lauren. Who will be here June 12th....mine and Darren's 4th anniversary!!! We are so excited about her coming. Marme, Isabella, and I also plan to have lunch with Nana(my gmother) and my cousin, Alecia who is coming in from Florida for a wedding. We also thought about going to the Farmer's Market that Clinton has going on this weekend. With all that I don't know where nap time will fit in but it will have to go somewhere.
Saturday evening Isabella and I are going to a surprise graduation party for our awesome babysitter, Lani. Sssshhhh! Don't tell her! We got her a Vera Bradley messanger bag b/c she is getting a lap top! Hope she likes it!
Sunday we have plans to go to Marme's retirement party. After 35 years of teaching she is finally going to retire. Since her heart attack, she just can't do what she used to and she has 4 of my grandparents to take care of. Other then her health and grandparents, her third reason for retiring is for the grandchildren. How they came in third I am not sure but we understand.
Well, we hope everyone has a good weekend! I will have to tell you all how it all goes later!